From Ralph Lauren to Macy’s: See Which Major Retailers Are Donating to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Emily Barnes

 From Ralph Lauren to Macys: See Which Major Retailers Are Donating to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

The fashion industry is a making serious effort in the Hurricane Sandy relief benefit arena. Fashion companies are pulling out the big guns (and by guns we mean six and seven figure donations). The contributions are set to go to an array of organizations, ranging from the American Red Cross to local funds. Here we’ve broken down whose donating what and for where thus far, according to WWD. Read on below to see how to get involved and who is totally scoring good samaritan points.

  • Ralph Lauren announced it will donate a total of $2 million: $1 million of the sum will be going to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City while the other $1 million will be broken down to head to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, and other local organizations.
  • Coach has also pledged to donate $2 million, which in its entirety will go to the Red Cross.
  • Limited Brands (which owns Victoria’s Secret) and Gap vowed to donate $1 million each. Part of Gap’s contribution included the distribution of clothes to those suffering in New Jersey.
  • The Red Cross received a cool $1 million from Kohl’s,
  • $425,000 went to the Red Cross from Target. The retailer also shelled out $25,000 worth of gift cards to communities in need in addition to a $50,000 donation that went to the Salvation Army.
  • Nordstrom shelled out $200,000 to the Red Cross, notably.
  • Macy’s has begun the process of raising at least $1 million through matching customer donations on a dollar-by-dollar basis until they reach their goal at their locations nationwide.

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