12 Top Fashion Bloggers Model Their Must-Haves For Fall

Marni Golden
12 Top Fashion Bloggers Model Their Must-Haves For Fall
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Labor Day has come and gone, marking the official beginning of our transition into fall. For many of us, this means trading in our T-shirts for trench coats, sarongs for scarves and rosé for hot toddies. Spring may best be know for cleaning, but for the fashion set, fall is the season of reinvention, when one embraces new looks and splurges (selectively) on key pieces. From knee-high boots and oversized leather totes to chunky knit sweaters and tweed pants, this is the season to experiment with proportions and textures, and — above all — take some risks.

Rather than adhere to the old, outdated rules of the trade (see: no whites after Labor Day) and mourn summer’s loves lost, we’re embracing the new season and all the fearless fashion it has to offer. As such, it only seemed natural to to pick the brains of the modern-day experts who live, breathe and blog fashion. More and more, these style-setters truly do seem to be the ones with their fingers most immediately on the collective pulse.

Here, we invited twelve of our favorite fashion bloggers to show us two of their must-have items for fall: one tried-and-true item they pull out of the closet wear year after year, and one new drool-worthy purchase they couldn’t resist snapping up.

Read on to see which new fall pieces get these bloggers going …

Photography by: Nick Onken

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Photography by Nick Onken.

Lindsey CallaSaucy Glossie, Facebook, Twitter

Old fall staple: "I love this trench because it literally is an investment piece without the investment. It was such a bargain (thank you, TJ Maxx)! Its shape and color make it so classic and timeless while the contrast piping makes it feel fresh, modern and more interesting than a standard trench."

New fall purchase: "These Tory Burch leather gloves just seem so old world romantic to me. Girls who wear gloves and hats should always be deemed classy and fabulous, with a little bit of mystery. They make such a dramatic statement, and these hit a perfect balance of lady-like and edgy. Plus, fall is all about playing around and this cabernet color will blend in perfectly with the other rich, autumnal colors that I'm stocking my wardrobe with."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Alexandra Spencer, 4th and Bleeker, Twitter, Pinterest

Old fall staple: "I found this jacket at the bottom of a huge pile of denim last year at the Fairfax markets in Los Angeles. I never tried it on before I bought it -- I just had a feeling it was perfect. The fit and wash are so amazing that it doesn't matter if I'm wearing it over Christopher Kane or old Isabel Marant pants. It's always the first thing people ask me about."

New fall purchase: "I bought this Givenchy singlet on a whim at the Joyce store in Shanghai. It's super boxy and has a strange in-between length which is great for layering and disguising the pizza you just ate."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Phillip T. Annand and Matty Yu, Madbury Club, Twitter

Old fall staple: "The varsity jacket is one of the most quintessential pieces in any wardrobe. Whether it's made of leather, wool or nylon, the varsity is simple, classic and versatile ... It's one of the few pieces that can instantly change a mediocre outfit into an outstanding one."

New fall purchase: "A vintage, knit football jersey is the perfect example of stylish athletic wear.  Little details like the fading, the cracked screen print and the materials it's composed of make it so appealing. Slightly longer than a 3/4-sleeve, and longer than your typical fitting T-shirt, it has become one of our go-to garments as the weather cools down."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Natalie SuarezBlogFacebookTwitter

Old fall staple: "I can always rely on this White + Warren cargo jacket as a main layering piece during the fall. I swear it looks amazing over just about everything I own. I've worn and washed it so many times that the color has faded so well -- it's even softer to touch than it ever was. Plus, it was one of the first gifts I've ever gotten when I first moved to NYC. It will always remind me of chilly late nights in the city."

New fall purchase: "As we've been creeping closer and closer to fall, I've been getting really into dark knits; textures that are a teeny bit gothic. I fell in love with this crocheted boho-rock maxi-skirt by Evil Twin. I knew right away that it would look good with a nubby wool sweater, topped off with a beanie and my favorite buckle boots. Being so tall, I love the ability to wear maxis year-round."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Nicolette Mason, Nicolette Mason, FacebookTwitter

Old fall staple: "I fell in love with this Miu Miu bag a couple of years ago and was surprised to receive it as a Hanukkah gift from my family. They seem to have a similar appreciation for all things sparkly! I've been devotedly toting this mini bag around since then, regardless of the season. Plus, you'd be surprised how much fits!"

New fall purchase: "I've been pretty lucky to become friendly with some of my favorite emerging designers, and ElevenObjects is no exception. The design duo is smart, savvy, and makes beautiful pieces. Their detachable collars are particularly magical, and sparkle is one of my favorite ways to accessorize."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Kim Pesch, Eat Sleep WearFacebookTwitterPinterest

Old fall staple: "I have been living in my boyfriend jeans all summer and love how they are so versatile. They have such an easy breezy nature to them but can also be dressed up. I look forward to wearing them this fall with either a slouchy sweater and heels or a plaid blazer and oxfords."

New fall purchase: "My most exciting new fall piece has quickly become these polka-dot jeans from Paige Denim. I imagine myself mixing patterns or going sleek like I did here. The possibilities are endless."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Sean Hotchkiss, Contributor for The GQ Eye, Twitter

Old fall staple: "My old Levi's washed trucker jacket is my daily go-to for fall. I'm really excited to wear it in six months when the temp drops (I'm not bitter -- swear.) This particular one is a sample and has this rad blanket lining that I've never seen before, and it has this rip in the back that makes it look like I fell off my motorcycle (which I did not.) Moral of the story: If you're a dude without a Levi's trucker, than you're not really a dude at all, says the bitter dude without a motorcycle."

New fall purchase: "This black suede bomber comes from my pal Eunice Lee of UNIS New York. After a crew of us shot the lookbook, I was admiring the brown version (the suede is so soft), but when I actually went into the store, the black felt right. Like the Levi's trucker, this, over a a T-shirt, will be my move all season long."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Helena Glazer, Brooklyn Blonde, Facebook, Twitter

Old fall staple: "I couldn't live without my trusty black blazer, which I prefer to have a relaxed and easy fit. I often gravitate towards items I could dress both up and down. I've worn it to weddings on top of a form-fitting dress as well as to casual events on top of a tee and cut-offs."

New fall purchase: "I've had a pair of red jeans for years, but because I wear them so often, It was time to get an updated, 'fresh' pair. Red jeans have become a staple in my closet, and I probably wear them as often as basic blue denim. It's another item I love dress up with a pair of leopard heels or dress down with a pair of flats and a white tee."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Claire Geist, De LuneFacebookTwitterTumblr

Old fall staple: "Despite its simple cut, my vintage menswear blazer has a ton of color dimension in the wool when you take a look at it up-close, which is super fun. It's a tomboyish staple in my closet, I can't help but feel like I'm in The Graduate whenever I put it on.

New fall purchase: "My new Cheap Monday platform oxfords are going to make dressing for fall much more fun and quirky - they add a punk-inspired menswear dimension to anything I throw them on with. I couldn't make these shoes seem lame even if I tried."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Natacha Steven, Natacha Steven, Facebook, Twitter

Old fall staple: "I got this suede khaki mini-skirt four years ago, on sale – a piece that I would call a 'smart investment.' Great khaki items are not easy to find, so I keep this one readily available year after year. I am really keen on suede that is fun and tasteful to mix with winter tops, and khaki is a clear 'must' for the season."

New fall purchase: "In all fairness, I cannot say much about it this Trapeze bag by Céline that you don’t already know. It's the quintessence of elegance, eternally chic and very practical. And, my camera fits perfectly in it! It does not require any other outfit artifice to be attractive and stylish."

Photo: Nick Onken/

Isaac Hindin Miller, Isaac Likes, Twitter, Tumblr

Old fall staple: "There's a store in New Zealand named Crane Brothers who gave me my first job in menswear ten years ago. I've repaid the favor over the past five years by spending more money with them than I'd care to discuss. The pistachio green blazer was a piece they made me on my birthday in 2010, and I haven't taken it off since."

New fall purchase: "The new piece is this Working Style double-breasted blazer. A good D.B. is hard to come by, so I figured the best option was to get one made. I chose a heavy wool twill in a rich navy blue with blue polka-dot lining, and I'm pretty sure I'll wear it every day this winter. Variety is way overrated!"

Photo: Nick Onken/

Christina Caradona, Troup Rouge, Facebook, Twitter

Old fall staple: "My cropped leather jacket is probably one of the coolest things I own. If I were caught in a fire I'd grab this on the way out. One of the best memories I have with this piece is coming home at 6 a.m. trying to find my friend in the rain and using this jacket as my umbrella. I'm shocked it's not totally falling apart."

New fall purchase: "I bought this Kenzo sweater knowing that I would probably have it forever ... I can't wait to start a relationship with it."

Photo: Nick Onken/

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