Because of Course: Fashion Bloggers Parody Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s #Hashtag Skit

Meghan Blalock

Remember last week when Justin Timberlake and bestie/comedic partner in crime Jimmy Fallon did a skit showing us all how dumb we look when we use hashtags? Well, it’s possible that no one knows this fact better than the fashion crowd, and a couple of bloggers set out to prove it.

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Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge and Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen partnered with accessories brand Nine West to put together a parody video of JT and Fallon’s brilliant piece of work, focusing their jokes, of course, on their day-to-day lives as incredibly busy and in-demand faces in the world of fashion. As such, their favorite hashtags seemingly include, “#filterthat,” “#nosubway,” and “#instahater.”

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“I live with my phone glued to my hand, so sometimes I catch myself speaking in hashtags,” Christina told StyleCaster. “It was fun making a video poking fun at something we all do and use.”

“Hashtagging has become a ubiquitous (if a bit unnecessary) part of social communication between fashion enthusiasts, so it’s nice to explore it in jest,” Justin echoed.

Watch the funny clip above, and share some of your favorite fashion hashtags in the comments below!