How Things Change: 14 Major Fashion Bloggers’ First-Ever Instagram Photos

How Things Change: 14 Major Fashion Bloggers’ First-Ever Instagram Photos
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If you ever want proof that a blogger’s Instagram posts these days are more staged than Kanye’s proposal to Kim Kardashian, all you have to do is scroll back to their early photos and do some comparing.

Before today’s Instagram sensations became social media-savvy, hyper-aware of their personal brands, and started looking for ways to monetize their following, they were just a bunch of girls with a penchant for filters and posting off-the-cuff photos of their outfits.

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You only need to go back a few years (remember that Instagram only launched at the end of 2010) to see see the difference. In fact, the contrast between a bloggers’ outfit photos today, and their first ever snap is nothing short of mind-blowing–even online influencers with huge followings, like Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine, weren’t always pros when it came to sharing their style on Instagram.

Completely obsessed by these insane transformations, we scrolled back to the first outfit photos posted by 14 of the world’s biggest fashion bloggers and compared them with current Instagram posts. The results are incredible–keep clicking to check them out.


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Then: Julie Sariñana, Sincerely Jules

Ignoring how much her style has changed,  Sariñana's original Instagram photos are barely recognizable compared to her newer posts. This blurry picture, with its thick, black border and filter, attracted more than 400 likes.

Now: Julie Sariñana, Sincerely Jules

Today, an outfit post like this one will usually reel in more than 60,000 likes. Jules is also big on emojis, and captioned this recent snap, "Easy breezy ❤️."

Then: Leandra Medine, Man Repeller

Believe it: This headless, blurry, shadowy outfit photo belongs to one of the world's most successful fashion bloggers and Instagram sensations, Leandra Medine. Her first fashion picture posted to Instagram only received 15 likes, but bear in mind it was shared 237 weeks ago. Medine didn't bother with a caption on this snap.


Now: Leandra Medine, Man Repeller

Today, Leandra's outfit photos are carefully styled, and usually shot against a cool city backdrop. She also directs her 983,000 followers to shop her outfit through an affiliate marketing website, ensuring that she can pocket a percentage of every sale. This picture has over 11,000 likes so far, and was shared with the caption, "Surfs up, freaky dudes! A brand new episode of #MROfficeApropos is up on Man Repeller for you to look at and feel like "wow! These cats are crazier than chihuahuas!""


Then: Aimee Song, Song of Style

Back when everyone was obsessed with the #armparty, Aimee Song was leading the charge on Instagram with accessory close-ups. Although the photo taken 188 weeks ago is super blurry, she was one earliest bloggers to start tagging brands on Instagram. "Super sequiny and blingy for my @stevemaddenusa event!" she wrote with this photo, which attracted 473 likes—pretty impressive considering everything.

Now: Aimee Song, Song of Style

Whoa, Aimee Song, how things change. Today, her Instagram is a curated edit of professional outfit photos and travel snaps. An average post gets more than 25,000 likes, and this one is no exception.

Then: Margaret Zhang, Shine by Three

This early picture from Australian blogger Margaret Zhang is hardly recognizable when compared to her current profile. She attempted to link in the caption—an obvious no-no for modern bloggers—and credited her photographer for the shot in this photo, "Sneak peek: shoot with @tessakit" It was liked 107 times.

Now: Margaret Zhang, Shine by Three

Today, Margaret Zhang's Instagram style is distinctive for its chic, heavily-contrasted food and fashion photos. She uses her Instagram as a platform to promote partnerships with brands like and Swarovski, and an average photo gets more than 10,000 likes.


Then: Jacey Duprie, Damsel in Dior

"Off for some wine tasting," Duprie captioned this grainy mirror selfie. It was posted 179 weeks ago and attracted—wait for it—just 30 likes and zero comments.

Now: Jacey Duprie, Damsel in Dior

Jacey Duprie's Instagram transformation has been incredible. Her aesthetic is all about minimalism and bright, clear photographs. This particular snap received 3,926 likes and 45 comments.

Then: Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Girl

Posted 208 weeks ago, Nicole Warne's first outfit photo received 447 likes, and was a heavily filtered detail shot of her new outfit. She didn't tag any brands, and simply captioned the picture, "Todays outfit and three layers warm."

Now: Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Girl

With the help of her intensely talented photographer/fiancé, Luke Shadbolt, Warne's Instagram has developed into a curated edit of beautiful designer pieces photographed in exotic locations. This snap attracted 30,700 likes and nearly 300 comments—oh, and she tagged the designer, Michael Lo Sordo, too.

Then: Annabelle Fleur, Viva Luxury Blog

Compared to some other early outfit photos on Instagram, Annabelle Fleur was pretty on-point. She posted this picture without a comment 183 weeks ago and received 260 likes.

Now: Annabelle Fleur, Viva Luxury Blog

A good camera and a great haircut worked wonders for Annabelle Fleur's Instagram following. She now boasts a whopping 229,000 followers, and most photos clock in more than 5,000 likes. Oh, and she remembers to add captions to her posts now, too.

Then: Christine Andrew, Hello Fashion Blog

Christine Andrew from Hello Fashion Blog is one of the only fashion bloggers who seemed to embrace hashtags from the beginning. She captioned this photo, "New Post: Snow Bunny Top. #jcrew Leather Leggings. #paigedenim Jewelry.#ilycouture" It received 187 likes.

Now: Christine Andrew, Hello Fashion Blog

Although her photos still feel natural and at least a little bit candid, Christine definitely puts more thought into her #OOTD snaps now, and is monetizing her following, often working in brand call-outs that are clearly advertised.

Then: Alexandra Spencer, 4th and Bleeker

Australian-born and New York-based blogger and model, Alexandra Spencer posted her first outfit photo 201 weeks ago with a one-word caption, "Suits." This blurry shot only attracted 63 likes.

Now: Alexandra Spencer, 4th and Bleeker

As her modeling career picked up, so did Spencer's quality of Instagram post. This shot from June 2015 has over 4,500 likes and is a plug for her new sock collaboration with Stance Socks. Like every other successful blogger, she's leveraging her following for commercial reasons, directing followers to buy the line in her caption, "You can now walk all over me in a pair of my 4th and Bleeker for @stancesocks new summer styles out! ⚡️@stancemuse."

Then: Blair Eadie, Atlantic Pacific

We're all guilty over being overly zealous with Instagram filters when we first started using the platform, and Blair Eadie's no different. Her early outfit photos were all about the sepia-washed finishes. This photo from more than 200 weeks ago brought in 156 likes.

Now: Blair Eadie, Atlantic Pacific

Since her early days on Instagram, Blair's not only created an aesthetic that is professional and clean, but she's also developed a distinctive personal style that is both modern and feminine. Today she pushes affiliate marketing sites in her captions to ensure she profits every time one of her followers shops her outfit, writing " #liketkit" with this photo, which has over 8,000 likes.

Then: Helena Glazer, Brooklyn Blonde

Mirror selfies and photos with borders might feel dated now, but four years ago when Helena posted this picture, they were the done thing. She captioned the snap, "Close up pic from the DVF shoot & I cannot stop thinking about this skirt.." It received 74 likes.

Now: Helena Glazer, Brooklyn Blonde

Today Helena takes most of her photos on the streets of New York, and uses her Instagram posts to direct her 278,000 followers to read her blog. She captioned this particular photo, "Light wash {new post now up!}" and it received a massive 4,747 likes.

Then: Rachel Parcell, Pink Peonies

A sepia filter and black border are the hallmarks of a truly vintage #OOTD photo. Rach Parcell posted this picture in a green dress and sandals with the caption, "Park city for kates bday!" 208 weeks ago. She received 23 likes. 

Now: Rachel Parcell, Pink Peonies

Today she's a mom of two and a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger—and Parcell doesn't muck around with amateur photos. While she still shares the occasional candid photo of her family, most of her pictures are shot professionally. This one was shared two weeks ago and has 7,970 likes.

Then: Alexandra Pereira, Lovely Pepa

Alexandra Pereira is Spain's biggest fashion blogger—and one of the biggest in Europe. She started using Instagram early, and since this first outfit photo was shared 190 weeks ago, she has posted nearly 9,000 photos. This picture got 47 likes and didn't have a caption or any brands tagged.

Now: Alexandra Pereira, Lovely Pepa


Today, Alexandra shows off her latest outfits while traveling across Europe's most beautiful locations. This photo received 13,300 likes, and, as with many of her newer Instagram posts, includes a caption directing followers to visit her blog: "New outfit post up on my blog 👉👉👉"

Then: Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

Before she had 4.2 million Instagram followers and a lucrative shoe line, Chiara Ferragni took the same poorly-lit, blurry Instagram photos as the rest of us. She was one of the earliest bloggers to use Instagram, and has shared more than 12,400 photos to the platform so far.

Now: Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

Ferragni's current Instagram profile is filled with photos of the leggy blonde traveling across the globe or strolling along the streets at Fashion Week—there really doesn't seem to be much middle ground. This photo, posted just a few hours ago, already has 72,000 likes.

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