Fashion Advice for 2013 According to Your Zodiac Sign

Liz Doupnik


We’re kicking off the New Year with one specific task in mind: to understand what makes us tick, style-wise. Why do we wear the things we wear? How can we shake up our style in 2013? What signature pieces should we stick with?

To accomplish this task, we asked astrology enthusiast Kiran Rai—who also happens to be the force behind accessories line Sir Alistair Rai—to delve into the depths of the zodiac and offer her tips on how to dress according to your sign. Considering celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted wearing Rai’s designs, we couldn’t wait to get the scoop on which fashion items we should wear this year, along with what trends to avoid and which colors best complement our star signs. Read on to find your sign and see Rai’s cosmically chic insights! 

Character Traits: Optimistic, Independent, Generous
Lucky Color: Red
Let’s face it, Aries: You can be a bit bossy. In the case of fashion, however, it serves you well. You know what works for you, and you’ve staked your claim—you wouldn’t be caught dead in something that wasn’t well-tailored. Shirts are your favorite things to mix up for variety (we suspect you’re already wearing the pants in your personal life). Go get ‘em, Ram girl!

Character Traits: Dependable, Loyal, Patient
Lucky Color: Emerald Green
You’re earthly, affectionate, and gentle (until you’re asked to do something you don’t want to do, that is!), so this year, stick to comfortable, timeless basics. Also, Bulls rule the neck, so seek out cozy scarves, which could catch the eye of someone special, since Taurus is all about sensuality and attention from the opposite sex.

Characteristics: Clever, Witty, Adaptable
Lucky Color: Yellow
Gemini is known as the twin sign, which sometimes makes it seem as if you have a split personality. In truth, you’re just too interesting to stick with one direction. Versatile style is key to a Gemini’s self-expression, but they make sure their look isn’t overpowering. Key items for you this season: a perfect leather jacket or an “it” satchel.

Characteristics: Caring, Responsive, Protective
Lucky Color: White
Sentimental? That’s an understatement for a Cancer girl! You feel deeply and remember everything, so it’s no wonder that you attach feelings to even the clothes you wear. Cancers adore comfort and loathe anything tacky. You love understated elegance, and make it your fashion mission.

Traits: Confident, Ambitious, Fun Loving
Lucky Color: Gold
You’re a fiery one, Leo! Born under the sign of the Lion, Leos are natural rulers known for their outgoing personalities, confidence and yes (have you dated a Leo?!) their flirtatious nature! When a Leo enters a room, the energy shifts and with good reason—not only are you magnetic, but you love clothes that stand out. This year, make an entrance with a turban or another unexpected accessory.

Characteristics: Analytical, Helpful, Reliable
Lucky Color: Blue
Virgos are some seriously classy ladies—you’re pulled together, polished and should accessorize with classic pieces that can be mixed and matched. When a Virgo isn’t over-analyzing her life, you’ll find her charming random strangers with a mega-watt smile (her best accessory).

Characteristics: Graceful, Diplomatic, Charming
Lucky Color: Pastel Green
Libras love all things beautiful, including clothes. The latest trends look effortless on these diplomatic creatures, so don’t be afraid to purchase or get inspired by the latest runway looks—you can pull them off.

Characteristics: Passionate, Dynamic, Observant
Lucky Color: Purple
When it comes to being one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, Scorpio has everyone beat—and most find you irresistible. Channel your inner pin-up girl with flirty bralettes and high-waisted pants this year—perfect for amping up your appeal. When Scorpios aren’t turning their keen eyes on the world around them, they’re letting the world inside: Their fashion choices often showcase their mood and inner self.

Characteristics: Independent, Intellectual, Straightforward
Lucky Color: Turquoise
An open-minded Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign who moves with ease in any room she occupies! Confident, smart and curious, Sag ladies are some of the most dynamic of the zodiac. Fresh, casual, and up-for-anything, fashion is a favorite for any Sag, and they’re comfortable in sporty pieces—think faded jeans and loose tees.

Characteristics: Humorous, Reserved, Disciplined
Lucky Color: Nude
Cappies just may be the hardest working sign of the zodiac. With all you’re juggling on a daily basis (all while running to beat the clock and arrive five minutes early!), you need a look that’s fashion-forward but seemingly effortless. When they’re not ruling the world with a stopwatch, they’ll most likely be found always looking put together.

Characteristics: Witty, Clever, Humanitarian
Lucky Color: Sky Blue
Always one to march to the beat of your own drummer, you Aquarians are often referred to as the “flower children” of the zodiac—and love the effortless look that coincides with the label, such as boho-chic long skirts, unusual tailoring, and eccentric staples.

Characteristics: Compassionate, Intuitive, Worldly
Lucky Color: Sea Green
Funny, free-spirited, and a compassionate dreamer, Pisces should rock pieces that make the most of these traits—i.e., unique, artsy accessories and delicate, feminine pieces perfect for romantic nights out.