Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Stars You Don’t See


The latest work from Roald Dahl to be beautifully realized on the big screen, Wes Anderson‘s Fantastic Mr. Fox, opens in select theaters today. A stop-action animation, the movie looks visually exhilarating and graphically uncanny, all while being voiced by some of our favorite actors in Hollywood today.

Mr. Fox- George Clooney: It’s okay that we can’t see Clooney’s handsome face flashing devious smiles and intense gazes; even his voice is sexy. As restless, playful, and of course, fantastic Mr. Fox, Clooney imbues his character with the same swaggering devilishness that we all know and love from the actor himself.


Mrs. Fox- Meryl Streep: Streep, fine actress that she is, has an undisputable motherly quality to her, the sort of maternal tone that is necessary to keep a rambunctious husband and a sullen son on track. Commanding with her claw, Mrs. Fox is the cautious glue of the foxhole.


Badger- Bill Murray: As the Fox’s neighbor, Murray’s buttoned-up character dispenses legal advice and practical guidance to the wild Mr. Fox. Small children may not appreciate the humor in that, but we love the idea of Murray as a serious, mature, responsible…Badger.


Ash- Jason Schwartzman: A self-conscious little fox with two left feet, Schwartzman clearly channels the people-roles that he has mastered in Anderson’s other films. Slightly crabby, suspicious, and consumed with the need to prove himself is just how we like our beloved Jason Schwartzman.


Rat-Willem Dafoe: As Mr. Fox’s sworn enemy Rat, Dafoe brings his famous creepiness and villainous edge to the tale. Dafoe is perfectly cast as the bad guy who plays dirty and wreaks havoc.

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