#ChicEats: Your New Favorite Instagram Account Brilliantly Combines Famous People with Food

Kristen Bateman


As far as food-based Instagram accounts go, the sheer number can be overwhelming. The hashtag #foodporn lends itself to almost 90 million photos alone. Despite all that, gems can be unearthed if you search hard enough. Case in point: The amazingly quirky account @famous_food. Created by a copywriter named Alex, the original images merge celebrities of all types with foods that make puns of their names. Think: Wu-Tang Flan, Pita Ora or Rhubarbara Streisand.

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And since there’s nothing we love more than a great IG account and food together, whether it be a camembert wheel or a bunch of croissants, we talked to the visionary behind the images and asked her to create three exclusive fashionable food collages. Read on and see his work below!

StyleCaster: How did you come up with the concept of Famous Food?

Alex: I’m a copywriter by trade, with severely crap photoshop skills, but I started mucking around with an image of Jane Birkin and a rogue piece of bacon that was floating on my laptop from a previous project and the first famous food, Jane Bacon, was born. Instagram fascinates me, it’s like the future Ancient Greece where celebrities, food and fashion are worshipped by the masses. Famous Food is basically a piss-take on all that.

Naomi Camembert by @famous_food, designed exclusively for StyleCaster

Naomi Camembert by @famous_food, designed exclusively for StyleCaster

What’s your process like?
I wish I could say it’s a painstaking exercise in Adobe wizardry, but I just cut out in photoshop, place in keynotes and save as jpeg. Anyone could do it!

Are there certain celebs you choose to focus on more than others?
No, I believe in equality for all celebs! Z-listers included. I’m aware that someone like [English radio DJ] Dale Winton—Dale Wonton [to me]— will get lost on lots of people, but could equally resonate with others. But it’s fun to see who gets the odd ones.

Yves Saint Croissant by @famous_food, designed exclusively for StyleCaster

Yves Saint Croissant by @famous_food, designed exclusively for StyleCaster

How do you choose what foods to pair with each celeb?
I’ll be in the supermarket and something will pop into my head, or I’ll be watching a movie with a monumental actor in it and something will pop into my head. An occasional dip into the daily mail helps.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Why/why not?
Oh yeah, I love all the fads!

Are there certain types of collages that you’ve seen perform, in terms of likes/shares/whatever, more than others?
Who knows? Rhubarbara Streisand got a lot of likes, never would’ve guessed that, but more obscure ones like Asparagus Van Sant (Gus Van Sant) didn’t do so good…which is shame because I love him.

Do you get requests often? If so, what do they usually consist of?
I do get a lot of requests on the interwebs and real life. Mostly from my sister. And I love making really adhoc birthday cards for pals which usually involves some sort of food element on their head.


What are some of your personal favorite images you’ve made?
My favorite was Paris Stilton. She looks so icy.

What are your favorite instagrams to follow?
The less serious and the more silly the better! Have you seen Taste of Streep? That’s unrivalled!

Is there a dream instagram artist or real life artist you’d like to collaborate with?
Does Prince count? I would happily dedicate an entire Instagram to Prince called Prince’s Pins. It would basically be his amazing legs in shiny trousers placed on different objects.

Panna cotta Wintour by @famous_food, designed exclusively for StyleCaster

Panna cotta Wintour by @famous_food, designed exclusively for StyleCaster