From Falling at Versace to Schmoozing With Carine: Insiders Share Memorable NYFW Stories

Spencer Cain

 From Falling at Versace to Schmoozing With Carine: Insiders Share Memorable NYFW Stories

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close today, we decided to enlist some of the industry’s foremost influencers to chime in on their best (and worst!) fashion week memories. While it may be one of the most glamorous weeks of the year, there’s enough behind-the-scenes drama to make it the most stressful, too. Read on to see what they had to say!

Sasha Charnin Morrison, stylist and fashion director at Us Weekly: “My best memory is bringing my twin sons to fashion week. It’s a joy to bring them to see what mommy does. Oliver came the other day and got more attention than BryanBoy. That was fun! My worst is falling on a carpet in Milan at the Versace show, years ago. My friend, the photographer Terry Tsiolis, didn’t help me up either because he thought the vision of me sprawled out in black clothing on the crimson carpet with my Prada shoes and bag looked very ‘Helmut Newton.’ So he snapped away while I laid there injured. My reward was Keith Baptista at Versace made me a custom designer bandaid.”

Lynn Yaeger, fashion journalist: “When it comes to fashion week, don’t start to think that things that aren’t important in life are important. It’s not important where your seat is, it’s not important that you didn’t get invited to the dinner. It’s not important! Try to keep it in perspective, because otherwise you’ll be like me in my very first season years ago where I cried every day.”

Chassie Post, lifestyle editor, “My favorite fashion week flashback dates back to my days as a fashion neophyte when I scored the a gig of a lifetime (or so it felt at the time!) as an intern at a PR company. I was immediately thrown into the fashion trenches and got to work as a full-on fashion week worker bee, following urgent orders and sprinting to put out fashion fire after fashion fire—and might I add, loving every single second of it! I would have done anything to have had even the tiniest, most insignificant part in helping an Oscar de la Renta show become a reality.  I also got to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty at the tents from checking in the celebs, editors and buyers to sidestepping photographers, camera crews and celeb entourages to help them find their seats (which may sound like an easy task but was absolute mayhem). But there was a silver lining—when the lights went down we got to squeeze into the back and watch those amazing 10 minutes of fashion heaven.”

Lubov AzriaChief Creative Officer, BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP: “The best moments of fashion week are once the show finally begins. Nothing prepares you for the feeling that overcomes your body when the first look walks out on the runway. It’s amazing. My best memory is in 1996, when I walked out with Max after our first runway show together. It showcases our passion, love, and respect for both each other, and our brand.”

Jace Lipstein, Founder, Grungy Gentleman: “High points of fashion week were styling my first New York Fashion Week presentation, Gilded Age. This season, it was watching everybody complain about the blizzard. The low points: attending after-parties. They’re overrated.”

Geordon Nicol, DJ, The Misshapes: “The best moment of the week was watching the incredible gowns come out on the runway while listening to our sound design for Zac Posen at the Plaza Hotel. The worst moment was having two shows we were doing sound design for during the snow storm at Lincoln Center, and having to cover the entire sound boards with plastic sheets because the roof was leaking—and wouldn’t stop!”

Ben Fink Shapiro, fashion photographer: “My best moment was last year when Carine Roitfeld was slowly and respectfully sounding out my full name after I attempted to begin the conversation in French, which soon turned to English. Turns out ‘Ben Fink Shapiro’ can be a tongue twister if said too fast!”