Easy Autumn Recipes For Your Fall Dinner Party

Easy Autumn Recipes For Your Fall Dinner Party
Photo: Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

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As sad as it is that locally-farmed summer produce—like watermelon, strawberries and corn—are no longer filling the grocery store produce aisle, let’s look at the bright side! Equally tasty and nutritious fruits and veggies like pears, potatoes, winter squash and (of course) pumpkins are in season right now, and they’re just waiting to make their debut in your kitchen this fall. With these fruits, veggies and other autumnal flavors, there’s a whole host of hearty, healthy and satisfying fall recipes you can make. So while you might miss all the summer produce, these autumn meals are definitely just as delicious—and worth making in spades.

From mouthwatering breakfast and brunch options like pumpkin spice pancakes, rum pumpkin praline pie and apple cider donut holes (!!) to tasty dinner party recipes like cider roasted chicken and sweet potatoes roasted with sriracha and lime, there’s clearly no shortage of ways to fill up your fall menu. Using the most delicious ingredients of the season, you’ll find that these fall recipes are the perfect way to celebrate the changing leaves and crisp air. As the temperatures cool off, it’s time to heat things up in the kitchen.

Below, you’ll find some of the best fall recipes to try this autumn—no matter your skill level. For those who rarely set food in the kitchen, have no fear. There are plenty of recipes that don’t require much experience (if any), and you’ll be delighted to find you can whip up an autumnal meal with very little effort or skill. Novices and experts alike are sure to relish in all of these can’t-miss fall recipes this season, so go ahead and bookmark this round-up ASAP. There are enough ideas here to last you an entire autumn—and then some.


1. Rotisserie Chicken Sheet Pan Pot Pie

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Courtesy of Aimee Broussard.

Nothing feels or tastes cozier than a mouthful of chicken pot pie, and this easy recipe will have it on the table in no time. Using rotisserie chicken, you get the added flavors (and ease)—ensuring this will become a staple in your household for fall and far beyond.


2. Rum Pumpkin Praline Pie

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of The Every Kitchen.

What’s not to love about this rum pumpkin praline pie, folks? You get the boozy rum to warm you up on chilly nights and a little bit of pumpkin, too—the quintessential flavor of fall. This is one dessert you’ll want to make over and over again.


3. Three-Cheese Mushroom and Kale Skillet Lasagna

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

This vegetarian treat is just what your fall dinner parties—or weeknight dinners—need. The three-cheese mushroom and kale skillet lasagna is cheesy and full of veggies, so you can indulge while still getting in that all-important serving of greens.


4. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Run Lift Eat Repeat.

Um, I’m drooling already. These pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes are the perfect fall breakfast or brunch option. Make them just for yourself or share them with friend and family. Odds are, once they take a bite, they’ll be asking you for the recipe.


5. Pecan Pie Baked Oatmeal

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of The Skinny Fork.

If you’re in a breakfast rut, try adding this pecan pie baked oatmeal to your routine. Made with delicious ingredients like brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped pecans, you can’t go wrong. Good morning, indeed!


6. Pumpkin French Toast

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Cooking Classy.

Pumpkin pancakes not really your jam? Try this pumpkin French toast, instead. It’s the feel-good fall breakfast you definitely deserve—and is a great option if you’re hosting friends or family for an autumnal brunch!


7. Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Sriracha & Lime

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Leite’s Culinaria.

Honestly, sweet potatoes are a fall staple, and when you add in flavors like sriracha and lime, you just can’t miss. This roasted sweet potatoes recipe uses six simple ingredients to create the ultimate autumnal side for parties or dinner at home.


8. Apple Cider Donut Holes

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of The Domestic Rebel.

Anyone with a sweet tooth is bound to love these apple cider donut holes. I mean, the combination of fall’s tastiest beverage and the most delicious breakfast treat? There’s absolutely no way this recipe could ever be wrong.


9. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of The Novice Chef.

Another sweet treat for fall is this pumpkin cream cheese muffin recipe. If you’re always on the go or just love to gift delicious pastries to your friends and family, you’re going to want to bake up a batch (or two) of these muffins.


10. Creamy Green Enchilada Chicken Soup

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Amy Casey Cooks.

There’s nothing like a bowl of chicken soup when the weather is chilly, but this creamy green enchilada chicken soup takes things up a notch. It’s easily made in your Instant Pot, so you can save time and still end up with a tasty fall meal. A win-win situation, folks!


11. Cranberry Orange Muffins

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Look—fall is the perfect season for muffins, so we’re blessing you with another winner. These cranberry orange muffins are a year-round delight, but they taste especially delicious fresh out of the oven on a crisp fall day.


12. Sweet Potato & Black Bean Fall Omelette

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Kim’s Cravings.

For all your breakfast and brunch needs, this sweet potato and black bean fall omelette is here to please. For mornings when you want to go the extra mile and make something truly spectacular, you can’t miss with this recipe.


13. Pear, Honey & Caramelized Onion Sandwich

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Manila Spoon.

Pears are one of the most delicious fruits in-season during the fall, so take advantage with this pear, honey and caramelized onion sandwich recipe. Make it for yourself or host a little fall luncheon with your BFFs—and watch as they all devour this treat.


14. Apple, Cranberry, Bacon & Walnut Salad

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Carlsbad Cravings.

For a lighter fall option, try this apple, cranberry, bacon and walnut salad. If you love the addition of fruits in your salads, you’ll definitely enjoy this tasty autumnal recipe. Perfect for lunch or dinner, it’s sure to become a staple in your kitchen.


15. Butternut Squash & Veggie Vegan Pizza

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Minimalist Baker.

Calling all vegans! This butternut squash and veggie pizza is here to steal the show this fall. With just five ingredients—including a sauce made from butternut squash—you won’t be able to resist making this recipe time and time again.


16. Baked Asian Pear Chips

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of The Healthy Maven.

Another great way to make use of in-season pears this fall is with these baked Asian pear chips. All you’ll need is Asian pears and a little bit of cinnamon. (!) Before you know it, your kitchen will smell glorious and you’ll have a delectable fall-inspired treat.


17. Fall Harvest Cider Roasted Chicken

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest.

OK, this fall harvest cider roasted chicken is a game-changer. It features walnut goat cheese and grapes along with the apples and apple cider, making this the ultimate autumnal recipe. If you want to impress your dinner party guests, this is definitely the way to do it.


18. Apple & Gouda Grilled Cheese

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Domestic Superhero.

If it’s comfort food you’re after, try this apple and gouda grilled cheese for a serious fall treat. Apples are definitely one of the most prominent flavors of fall, and this grilled cheese recipe puts them to excellent use. I’m drooling already.


19. Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of The Food Charlatan.

Sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts are two of fall’s favorite vegetables—so why not combine them in a glorious roasted dish? Using garlic, spices and a little red wine vinegar, this recipe is basically the epitome of autumn.


20. Cheesecake-Stuffed Baked Apples

STYLECASTER | Fall Recipes

Courtesy of Le Creme de la Crumb.

Did I save the best for last? Maybe. These cheesecake-stuffed baked apples have already made their way onto my must-cook list for the season. Baked apples are a fall favorite, and when you add cheesecake, it becomes absolute perfection. And FYI, this recipe only requires six ingredients!

A version of this article was originally published on November 4, 2018.

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