7 Fall Mask Trends To Complement Your Autumn Wardrobe

Maggie Griswold
7 Fall Mask Trends To Complement Your Autumn Wardrobe
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They’re the ultimate must-have accessory we didn’t see coming, and whether we like it or not, they’re here to stay for a while. Face masks are now more readily available than just about any trend—even puffy sleeves and chunky sneakers, y’all—so we might as well find ways to wear them that make these masks feel like a fashion statement. When the temperatures begin to drop, you’re going to want to set aside your summer masks and indulge in all the fall mask trends headed your way. Now that brands, boutiques and designers have perfected the art of making a face mask, it’s time we had a little fun styling them—just in time for autumn.

One of the things I look forward to most about fall is all the autumnal fashion that the season brings. Cozy knits to keep you warm, colorful hues that match the changing leaves and fall denim looks that are effortlessly cool. There’s so much to love about fall fashion, and the fact that we’ll all be wearing face masks doesn’t have to make it any less true. Once we start to think of masks as both a safety necessity and just another fun way to accessorize, it makes adding them to our fall wardrobes so much easier. Consider a fall face mask something akin to a scarf or sunglasses—an item that can complete your look, rather than compete against it.

Thankfully, face masks have come a long way, and they’re more fashionable than ever these days. While a simple black face mask has its perks (that versatility, though), option for something a little more fashion-forward is a great way to make a face mask part of your outfit. There are quite a few different fall face mask trends you’ll be seeing in the coming months, so we rounded them up and gave you ways to shop them all in preparation. You won’t believe just how chic these masks can be. Before long, you might even want to wear them with your favorite fall looks.

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1. Denim Face Masks

It’s no secret that denim is a huge fall trend year after year, and that definitely translates into face masks. Denim face masks are an autumn must-have—and for good reason. Denim looks good with just about anything, so whether you’re sporting a cool fall maxi dress or wearing leggings and an oversized sweater this autumn, a denim face mask is sure to complement the look perfectly.

2 PCS USA Cloth Face Mask


This denim face mask
might resemble your favorite pair of blue jeans. The denim used for the mask has been washed, so it’ll feel soft on your face.

lola jeans unisex denim face masks

Image: Courtesy of Lola Jeans.

True denim lovers don’t just stick to one wash—they mix things up based on their look. With this three-pack of different denim washes from Lola Jeans, you can do just that.

STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends


This simple denim face mask is the perfect way to test out the fall trend. There are no frills or unexpected details—just good old denim.


STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends

Rojas Clothing.

Of course, if you want to kick things up a notch, you can opt for this patchwork denim face mask and watch as your street style looks go viral.



2. Flannel Face Masks

It wouldn’t be fall without a few flannel looks, now would it? Just like the autumnal plaids you see on shirts this season, you’ll see masks boasting the same prints and colors. Try pairing a plaid flannel face mask with a matching shirt, or go for a pattern mixing vibe and wear two different flannel styles. The possibilities—and chances to stay cozy—are endless.

 Weddingstar Washable Cloth Face Mask


You can’t go wrong with a classic buffalo check plaid mask
. This red-and-black combo screams fall. You’ll definitely want to wear this mask during your apple-picking outing.


STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends

Otilia Boutique.

There’s so much to love about these plaid face masks. The colors are perfect for fall, and they’re made of cotton to keep you from overheating in the beginning of the season.

Hanna Roberts Adult Fabric Face Mask

Hanna Roberts.

This black and white mask
isn’t made of flannel, but it’s made out of a breathable, soft cotton. You won’t have a problem pairing this mask with your fall jackets.

STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends

I Believe Design Shop.

If you’re itching to try an actual flannel face mask for when the temperatures drop, this blue plaid design is sure to keep you nice and toasty.



3. Sweater Face Masks

Another quintessential article of clothing for fall is (surprise, surprise) sweaters. Cropped cardigans, oversized pullovers, sweater vests—You name it. Fall wouldn’t be fall without the coziest knits imaginable, and the same goes for fall mask trends. Whether it’s crochet knit masks or sweater masks that make a statement, these accessories are here to keep you cute and cozy all autumn long.

STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends


A statement-making sweater face mask is just the accessory you need this fall. Remind others what you believe in while staying safe and warm this season.

Cable Stitch Unisex Reusable Knitted Face Mask

Cable Stitch.

Any sweater enthusiast appreciates the classic cable stitch. This knitted mask
, which comes in seven different shades, will complement the chunky knits you’ve got in your closet.

4. Animal Print Face Masks

Animal prints continue to trend each and every season, making them practically a neutral at this point. Because of this, you can wear your animal print face masks with solid pullover sweaters in fall hues or mix it up by pairing an animal print mask with fun autumnal stripes. There are so many different animal prints from which to choose, so have fun and go a little wild this fall.

Cameleon Cover Face Mask on Amazon

Cameleon Cover.

With this set, you’ll get three vivid cheetah-print masks
. These stretchy masks will keep you feeling fierce (and comfortable) throughout the day.

STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends


Alternatively, go even more neutral with this gray animal print face mask
. For those who like to wear all black in the fall, this mask is a fun statement piece that won’t detract too much from your minimalist vibe.

Wild Republic Wild Smiles Face Mask

Wild Republic.

Animal print doesn’t always mean leopard print. Lean into the snakeskin trend with this chic mask

5. Leather

Cool leather looks have been all over the runways in the past few seasons, and now the trend is permeating the face mask market as well. Wearing a leather—or faux leather!—mask this season is one way to get the leather jacket look without even wearing one. (Plus, the price points are way better.) There’s just something about a sleek leather look that screams fall.

JewelryWe Leather Mask


This black faux leather mask is such an easy way to try out the leather face mask trend
this season. It’ll instantly elevate any autumn look in your closet.


STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends

Mere Leather.

If you want to go a little bold, try a red leather face mask this fall. The hue looks great next to the changing leaves, making it the perfect opportunity for an Instagram pic.


6. Autumnal Prints

The scenery of fall—leaves changing color, autumnal flowers, pinecones littering the ground—is so dreamy, it only makes sense that one of the fall mask trends would be based on it. Lean into the season this year with a face mask adorned with gorgeous autumnal prints. These masks feature stunning fall hues and patterns that are ready to make you stand out from the crowd.


STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends

Otilia Boutique.

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as seeing the leaves change in the fall, so why not wear it on your mask? Otilia Boutique has several fall-ready face masks available that all feature gorgeous autumnal vibes.

Doomfist Face Mask


You’ll be ready for the changing leaves with this cute face mask
. You can also adjust this mask to fit your face shape. Plus, it has two carbon filters built-in.

STYLECASTER | Fall Mask Trends

Roopa Pemmaraju.

I can’t help but love this tie-back face mask from Roopa Pemmaraju. The colors are so perfect for fall, and the tie-back style works great for keeping the mask from falling off as you traipse through the fallen leaves.

Ivory Nature Leaves Face Mask



Comprised of three layers of fabric, this face mask will match the changing fall leaves. With yellow, brown, orange and dark green leaves, you can match this ivory mask with the majority of your autumnal wardrobe.

7. Logomania

Rather than splurging on a new designer handbag this season, take the dust bag from one you already own and turn it into a chic designer face mask. Logomania has had a comeback recently, so show off your favorite brands by wearing their labels on your face instead of your purse this season. (Or you could do both and match your mask to your bag.) Of course, if you’re not super crafty, you can also shop these “designer” masks from those who make them below.

Designer face mask


The colors in this Louis Vuitton-inspired face mask are just tailor-made for fall. Rep this iconic brand with this triple-layered mask.

Comme de Garcons inspired Mask


You can also go a bit more minimalist—even with logomania. This Comme des Garçons-inspired mask is a simple way to test out the trend this fall.

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