25 Inspiring Fall Flat Lays From Instagram

Kristen Bousquet
25 Inspiring Fall Flat Lays From Instagram
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Whether you’re looking for amazing travel pics, tips on how to decorate your bedroom, or some serious #foodporn, it’s pretty much a given that Instagram has you covered. But our absolute favorite thing to get on the photo-sharing app is outfit inspiration—especially flat lays.

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What’s a flay lay, you ask? You know how people lay out all the pretty things they own and snap a photo from above? Turns out, there’s a name for it! Several bloggers, clothing brands and industry pros have started taking fashion, beauty, food, and workspace flat lay photos, even using the hashtag—you guessed it—#flatlay.

These types of photos might seem pretty basic to execute, but the catch is that the best ones are incredibly—and artfully—organized.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite fall flat lays to show you just how inspirational they can be! Click through the slideshow to check them out.

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Photo: Instagram/@hforhozzie

Photo: Instagram/@fashionably.fit

Photo: Instagram/@freepeoplelegacyplace

Photo: Instagram/@cupofcouple

Photo: Instagram/@seventeenmag

Photo: Instagram/@jodiechahyana

Photo: Instagram/@freepeoplelegacyplace

Photo: Instagram/@designbyaikonik

Photo: Instagram/@yasmin_dxb

Photo: Instagram/@margaret__zhang

Photo: Instagram/@dit_elle

Photo: Instagram/@mrpaddingtonbear

Photo: Instagram/@freepeopleglendale

Photo: Instagram/@bluetomato

Photo: Instagram/@thepaperbunny

Photo: Instagram/@dada_wkw

Photo: Instagram/@lilipringle

Photo: Instagram/@gold_dogs

Photo: Instagram/@topknotgoods

Photo: Instagram/@style_by_aggie

Photo: Instagram/@bleuarc

Photo: Instagram/@noanoasirkusshopping

Photo: Instagram/@viennawedekind

Photo: Instagram/@colineseraconte

Photo: Instagram/@dada_wkw

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