How to Spot a Skilled Astrologer: The Saturn Sisters Break it Down

Zodiac SignsWhether it’s a so-called clairvoyant promising to see into your future for $5, or a hotline that charges $2 a minute to play you some pre-recorded planetary mumbo-jumbo, it’s safe to say the horoscope biz is one that lends itself to hustlers—despite the fact that astrology’s been around for centuries. On the flip side, if you’re not dealing with a hustler, you might be dealing with an expert who’s too new-agey, prone to spewing zodiac lingo that doesn’t really apply to your life.

That’s why we’re fans of Stefanie Iris Weiss and Sherene Schostak, aka The Saturn Sisters, resident astrologers for Elle UK, Elle Netherlands, and Elle Czech. Instead of offering a bunch of cliché monthly predictions, they apply the principles of astrology to provide down-to-earth advice that you can use in the real world.

We caught up with the Manhattan based duo—who also just teamed up with LOFT for daily and monthly horoscopes—to get the scoop on all things astrology, including how you can tell the experts from the fakes, what fall has in store for your sign, and what Mercury in Retrograde really means.

Firstly, why should anyone care about their horoscope? 
It’s really useful to use horoscopes to get a “flavor” for any given day, week or month. You can use it to prioritize particular parts of your life – is this a good day to pursue a professional lead? To text that cute guy I met over the weekend? To avoid a conflict with my bestie, just for now? You shouldn’t let horoscopes run your life, of course, but you can definitely use them to adjust and tweak it.

What are some ways to tell if a horoscope is legit?
Look for details, not gross generalities that could apply to anyone. A real astrologer will write a forecast using something called an “ephemeris,” which is just a calendar of the planets’ positions at any given time. With enough practice reading various horoscopes, you’ll be able to recognize the real deal.

What are the differences between a skilled astrologer and the woman you see offering to read your horoscope for on the street?
Huge diff! That woman hawking “astrology” on the street is a fraud – she wants your money, that’s it. An adept professional who’s studied the art/science of astrology will not present herself this way – you will be able to look up her credentials, see her publications, and ask her questions about the way she works. Hopefully you’ll also be able to find plenty of references from happy clients. And she’ll work in an office or home office, and will probably offer phone or Skype consultations.

Are there drawbacks to religiously relying on your horoscope?
Yes – as with any other habit, sometimes too much is just too much! As we said earlier, you shouldn’t run your life by horoscopes – they should simply flavor, temper, and subtly adjust your days. If you’re obsessing on your horoscope and using it for all your decision-making, you’re in trouble.

You probably need to see a professional astrologer to get a detailed chart analysis, because there’s only so much you can learn from a written forecast. Developing a deeper relationship with the planets and your own chart can actually help you break your habit of relying too heavily on horoscopes.

Does your sign have an impact on your sense of style? How?
Totally! This is particularly relevant if you know your rising sign, which you can get on using your exact time of birth (if your mom doesn’t remember, it’s probably on your birth certificate). Your rising sign (or ascendant) describes your persona, which [plays into your style]. Your sun sign plays a role here too – if you’re a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sag) you tend to like bright, bold colors.

If you’re an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) you’re better off with muted hues and deeper earth tones. If you’re a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) you’re gorgeous in greens, blues, and romantic, girly looks. Finally, if you’re an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) you can rock graphic prints and inventive outfits. Note that this depends on your entire chart, so your tastes may vary.

Lastly, Everyone and their mom uses the phrase “mercury in retrograde” yet barely anyone really knows what it means. Explain!
Essentially, it’s that the planet Mercury, in charge of communication, thinking, talking, writing, texting, etc. is slowing down in its orbit. From our position on earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards, but it’s merely at the slowest point. This happens approximately three times a year, and can wreak havoc on our lives.

The secret to Mercury Retro is that it’s the best time of the year to work on the “RE’s” in your life – redo, rejigger, redress, redraw, redirect, realign. It might feel like you’re going backwards on one level, but you’re also getting a grand opportunity to slow down and assess where you’ve been the last few months – something we rarely take the opportunity to do. Retrogrades also tend to bring out the truth, right after Mercury goes direct again.

Keep reading for your micro Fall 2015 forecasts, courtesy of the Saturn Sisters!

Fall is full of the best kind of professional challenges – the ones that get your motor revving hard. You may be busier than you’ve been in twelve years, Aries – but that’s exactly what Rams love most.

Your love life is grooving like gangbusters this fall, Taurus. Romance is solid and it’s only going to expand as the winter gets close.

Relationships take on ever deeper meaning this fall – you simply won’t be able to keep it light, airy or superficial. Forget Tinder – you’re finally in it for the long haul.

You’re a master communicator this fall – you’re killing it at work and your career is heading to the stratosphere. Keep talking, Cancer.

Prepare to make it big this fall, Leo. The stars are bringing the financial bounty you’ve been dreaming about. The professional seeds you’ve planted are finally blossoming – in the best way possible.

You’ve got it going ON this fall, Virgo – in both love and work. In fact, autumn 2015 signals the best year you’ve had in the last twelve.

This fall opens a window into your soul, Libra. You’re going super deep and your relationships will definitely benefit from the self-analysis you’re willing to do.

Your social life is the key to everything this fall. Network like your love life and career depend upon it – because they do.

You’re getting super-serious about everything this fall, Sag – you’re finally ready to next-level your career AND your relationships – simultaneously. No more skimming the surface – life begins NOW.

You’re feeling at ease in your own skin this fall, and that makes you want to expand both your professional reach and your travel itinerary. The more you get on the road the faster you sail up the ladder to the corner office.

It’s all about love this fall, Aquarius. You tend to prefer independence and detachment, but the stars are pushing you to go deeper than deep.

This fall is simply smashing, Pisces – especially for love. Single? That status isn’t going to last long. If you’re dating or attached, your relationship is about to get better than it’s been in years.