Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: Sock ‘Em Dead

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: Sock ‘Em Dead
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When you’re on a budget and are attempting to limit yourself to only a few shoe purchases per season (keyword: attempting), finding fresh new ways to wear your footwear is always welcome. Fun, embellished tights and the vast array of socks that have resurfaced on store shelves this year are perhaps one of the best things since silly bands to have eased up our clothing budgets. My case: they’re one of the cheaper accessories to stock up on, and they can easily transform that tired old pair of platforms that you’ve been tempted to toss into your everyday stomping staple.

This casual meets chic look isn’t for everyone (I personally know a few friends who have a strange aversion to the socks and footwear pairing much like I have an aversion to pickles), but alas if you’re open minded with trying the trend, we’ve scoured the interwebs for some of our favorite layering items for your legs and feet. Click through the side show for the very best in everything sheer, slouchy, colorblocked, ruffled, legwarming, embellished and printed that will take those strappy shoes you haven’t worn in weeks to the next level.

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Whether you wear 'em high or low, these Calvins will add both color and warmth to your lower half. Calvin Klein Stripe Chunky Slouch Socks, $12.07, at Asos

Like the legwarmers we used to wear to dance practice...but slouchier. Camp socks, $12.50, at J. Crew

Take a bow in this slightly sheer variety. Havilland Tights, $16, at Roxy

For the girl who loves her daytime sequins just as much as those for night. Bebaroque Starburst tights, $249, at Pixie Market

We're thinking like the ombre hair trend except for stripes. Painted Socks, $62, at Pixie Market

These will work just as well for your '80s Halloween costume as they will for your look-at-me ensembles. Happy Socks Long Stripe Socks, $10, at gargyle

Headed to the mountains? Try these legwarmers on for size. Peruvian Pattern Legwarmer, $38, at Free People

Pair these with open-toed lace-up booties as shown, or with black leather motorcyle boots. Sparkle cashmere socks, $101, at Pixie Market

No need for Rihanna on this one. Get your own umbrellas at Topshop. Pretty Umbrella Ankle Socks, $6, at Topshop

All you flirty single ladies, check these out. We're thinking clogs are the perfect pairing for a feminine vibe. Rumple & Shimmer Socks, $12, at Anthropologie

Over-the-knee socks are the perfect accessory to put you in the schoolgirl mood. Pieces Slouchy Over Knee Socks, $17.24, at Asos

If you love lace-up booties, you'll be naturally drawn to these tights. Jonathan Aston Opaque Striped Pattern Tights, $20.69, at Asos

Bold and bright. Jonathan Aston Graffiti leggings, $51.72, at Asos

Marc knows how to make a girl stand out, and your feet shouldn't be excluded from the equation. Marc by Marc Jacobs Za Za Chevron Knee Socks, $18, at Shopbop

For every girl looking to find her inner nerd. Optome-Toes Socks, $7.99, at ModCloth

Sweeten up a tough bootie with this gray floral pair. Urban Outfitters basic printed ankle sock, $8 or 3 for $18, at Urban Outfitters

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