Fake Flat Abs: 7 Tricks to Try

Fake Flat Abs: 7 Tricks to Try
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I like to think of myself as a relatively healthy person. I go to the gym, do yoga and I even actually enjoy a good run, believe it or not. But when it comes to ab work, there’s nothing I hate more than crunches. I get it to get the flat abs, a la Gisele, you need to put in the work and strengthen that core. And while I’m reluctantly willing to suck it up and suffer for the sake of a firm tummy, I have very little patience for the amount of time it actually takes to start seeing results.

Since I know I’m not alone, here are some quick ways to fake flat abs. Of course, none of this should be done in lieu of actual exercise, but if you’re in a time crunch as in you have two days before you have to be in a bikini then here are 7 tricks to try.

Gisele Bundchen Photo: Hedi Slimane, V Magazine Spring 2011

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Posture is key
Slouching gives you a pooch, so remember to keep your shoulders back, chest up and pull your tummy in.

Skip the sodium
Sodium equals instant tummy bloat, and it's lurking in a lot of unexpected foods and drinks. Beware of sodas. You may think you're being smart by opting for diet, but diet sodas still pack in about 35 mg of sodium, the same amount as regular.

Shapewear is your friend
There is no shame in your game if you need a little extra help underneath that skintight dress. Slim by Cynthia Rowley makes amazing shapewear that you'd be happy, not embarrassed, to show off.

Get on that agua
It's important to keep hydrated. Water is the best way to flush out your system and reduce belly bloat. It also fights any excess sodium you may be taking in. 

Stay away from sugar-free anything
Sugar alcohols like sorbitol, glycol, xylitol and erythritol are secret traps. They are in most foods and drinks labeled sugar free, and because they are incompletely digestible substances, the cause bloating and gas.

Skip gassy foods
Beans, broccoli, cabbage and other cruciferous veggies contain raffinose, a fiber that no human can digest, so they cause gas and bloating. You can counter this with digestive supplements like Beano.

Get a tan
If you have been hitting the gym and you want the results to be more noticeable, then get yourself a good tan. Being tan helps enhance contouring, especially in the abdominal region.

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