The Fairtyale Of The Red Soles

Laurel Pinson

It seems that while we were all in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (read: stuffing our faces) we missed a little piece of YouTube gold. One of our favorite shopping sites Net-A-Porter (who by-the-way is giving you an extra 20% off right now) released an adorable little video.

The video, which is portrayed as a fairytale, goes on to tell the tale of a man we all know and love — Christian Louboutin. Now this is a story we can get behind. We don’t care much for Snow White (unless she’s maybe adorned in vintage Oscar de la Renta). What we do care about is the red-bottomed shoes we’ve all lusted after since we’ve been trying on our mothers pearls and flipping through the pages of Vogue.

So grab your latte and your intern and sit back and relax and enjoy this glorious video. After all, we can be sure this one has a happy ending.

[Fashion Indie]

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