Facebook’s Quest For Global Domination: The PayPal Edition

Jessica Rubin

You can already send soup, own virtual pets and build farms on Facebook. But that apparently wasn’t enough for Mark Zuckerberg. Not by a long shot. So the social media giant has partnered with PayPal, making it possible for you to send money to your online buddies through your Facebook network.

A reporter for Daily Finance gave the new app a test-run and found that you do get charged a 2.9% premium if you draw funds from your credit card rather than linking your account to PayPal. But the transfer is still less expensive than sending a check or money order, and there is a serious convenience factor.

Now that you can send money, Skype and stalk everyone you know through Facebook, we might as well throw in food consumption, and then have the ability to never leave our homes. Say hello to the future, kids!

Image courtesy of Dave’s Geeky Ideas.

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