Yikes: 25% Percent of Facebook Ads For Luxury Goods Are For Fakes

Leah Bourne
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If you’ve ever come across a bag with a price that seems too good to be true via a Facebook ad—say a Hermès Birkin for $250—well, we’re here to tell you what you probably already know: It really is too good to be true.

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Bloomberg is reporting on new research by two Italian cyber-security experts, who found that about a quarter of the fashion and luxury ads on Facebook are actually touting knockoffs. The findings are based on a review of more than a thousand ads, including 180 in the luxury and fashion space. Of that 180, 43 turned out to be pointing to counterfeit goods.

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What’s particularly troubling about the findings is that many of the websites selling these counterfeit goods look very convincing. For instance, the researchers singled out a website selling Ray-Bans that included the brand name in its Web address, very similar logos to those on Ray-Ban.com, and information about nonexistent warranties.

The bottom line here is, don’t be fooled by a good deal, and do your research before hitting the buy button.

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