Attention, Glasses-Wearers: These Face Masks Won’t Fog Up Your Frames

Maggie Griswold
Attention, Glasses-Wearers: These Face Masks Won’t Fog Up Your Frames
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During the coldest months of the year—especially if there’s rain or snow involved—preventing your glasses (or sunglasses) from fogging up can be a challenge. Throw in the added complication of wearing a face mask, and it gets even more difficult. Glasses are supposed to help us see, but when fog gets in the way, it’s a definite inconvenience. Thankfully, there are plenty of face masks for glasses-wearers that will help keep your vision clear—even when the temperatures reach record highs.

As someone who has over 30 pairs of sunglasses and wears prescription glasses while driving or at night, I understand the struggle of foggy frames. To top it off, I grew up in the south, where humidity was practically part of the family. When it came time for us all to wear face masks whenever we left the house, I knew there would be issues with my glasses fogging up. Rather than do a little research on the best masks for wearing with glasses, though, I simply tried to accept it. It wasn’t my finest moment, but I’ve learned from the mistake.

Had I just taken the time to read a few reviews online, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. So, in case you, too, are a glasses-wearer who’s fed up with foggy frames, allow me to introduce you to some customer-recommended face masks that will keep you seeing clearly. Below, you’ll find 13 different face masks for wearing with glasses that get great reviews in that arena.

Most of these masks have a nose wire, so if you’re considering branching out on your own as well, consider that fact. Being able to contour the face mask to the bridge of your nose will typically aid in keeping fog away from your glasses. That being said, if you’d like to peruse some of the best anti-fog face masks, keep reading. Just remember that these picks are not meant for medical use—but can help keep you and those around you safe from germs (and foggy lenses, of course).

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STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of California Tot.

Triple Layered Fabric Face Masks (Pack Of 2)

Not only is this pair of neutral face masks perfect for styling with just about any ensemble this season, but the adjustable nose wire makes this mask perfect for glasses-wearers. The product description does suggest that you wash your glasses with hand soap for the best results when wearing these masks, too!

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of Handmade by Girl/Etsy.

Face Mask For Glasses-Wearers

This cloth face mask was actually made with glasses-wearers in mind—and the reviews don’t lie. One purchaser raved, “I’ve been through several masks and this is the ONLY one that doesn’t make my glasses fog up and it also covers more area. The adjustable ear loops make it a perfect fit. It’s not flimsy like so many I’ve ordered and just thrown away. Good job!”

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of Simlu.

Reusable Pleated Face Masks (Pack Of 3)

Made with 100% cotton for breathability and safety, these black reusable face masks are a great option for anyone who wears glasses—or just loves to rock a pair of sunnies when they go out. And for those who live where the humidity is unbearable, have no fear. “I wear glasses and Rx shades, live in a hot Southern climate; I haven’t had any problems with fog,” one purchaser commented. Bless.

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of Tomat/Etsy.

Cotton Double Layered Face Mask

The origami-inspired design of this cotton double-layered face mask ensures that your glasses will remain fog-free. Many of the reviewers swear by the efficacy of the mask, including one who said, “My spouse and I both wear specs and these are the only ones we have that prevent fogging. I really marvel at the design…so clever.”

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of Plano Artist/Etsy.

Leopard Print Face Mask

Glasses-wearers are fond of this super affordable leopard-print face mask that uses a wire for a snug, anti-fog fit. “This is the first mask that has not fogged my glasses and I can see and breathe at the same time,” said one reviewer. Stylish and functional? I stan.


STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of UTRIPSUNEW.

Reusable Cotton Face Mask

This cute floral face mask features an adjustable nose bridge—one of the main features that helps with avoiding glasses fog. Of course, for just under $20, you might want to double check that this mask actually works how it says it will. According to one reviewer, you’re safe to test it out: “Gotta wear one, might as well wear one that’s comfortable. This is the only mask that I’ve worn that doesn’t hurt the back of my ears and doesn’t cause my glasses to fog.”



STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of EQUOBA.

Marble, Camo & Blue Star Face Masks (Pack Of 3)

Like the above mask, this pack of three face masks also has nose wires to help keep the fog at bay. On average, these masks have garnered a 4.4 out of 5 star rating (from 1,505 reviewers!), and the comments definitely trend positive. One reviewer assures purchasers, “Yes it has a wire across the nose. The material is soft and breathable. The ear straps adjust so that it is a comfortable fit.” Check, check and check!

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of Beat Basic.



Reusable Comfy Face Protection (Pack Of 2)

If it’s a couple of classic black face masks you’re after, this set might just become your new go-to. “I’ve tried several face masks and this one is by far the most comfortable and affordable,” one reviewer claims. “Also, these masks won’t fog up your glasses! I was hesitant since so many masks do, but the nose wire that is sewn in really does the trick. My only criticism is that these masks don’t have a filter pocket.” That nose wire really works wonders, folks.

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of All Pretty Creations/Etsy.

 Washable Face Mask With Nose Adjuster

The adjustable nose wire is truly a game-changer, and it’s one of the things that makes this washable face mask perfect for wearing with glasses. With almost a perfect five-star review from 532 purchasers and nearly 100 different fabrics to choose from, this is definitely a safe bet.

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of Slip.

Pure Silk Adult Pleated Face Covering

For a luxurious feel, you can’t go wrong with a silk face mask. Yes, it’s a bit on the pricy side, but according to one review, you get everything you could want in a mask: “Adjustable sides, no pull on the ears if adjusted right -Soft to the touch, no smell -Well formed fit, no gaps -Adjustable nose wire -Extra nose wires -My eyeglasses will not fog up while wearing this mask.”

STYLECASTER | Face Masks for Glasses

Courtesy of Aloha Creations Club/Etsy.

Anti-Fog Tropical Face Mask

Made to prevent fog (!), these tropical face masks are a true game-changer. The mask has a five-star rating from over 250 reviews—most of which rave about the fact that this option keeps their glasses from fogging up. And at $7.99 per mask, you might as well give it a try!

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