Face Mask Chains Are The Trendy Way To Give Your Mask Some Flair

Bella Gerard
Face Mask Chains Are The Trendy Way To Give Your Mask Some Flair
Photo: Pretty Connected. Branford Harris/Unsplash.

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Is the mask chain the number one most-sought-after accessory of the summer? If not yet, it’s certainly about to be. As stay-at-home orders lift and more and more restaurants and shops allow people to visit, masks are still required, and one fashionista has found a way to make wearing them a little more convenient and a lot more stylish. Ladies and gentlemen, the face mask chain trend is one to watch.

What is a mask chain, you ask? Think of it as a sunglasses chain, but for your cloth face mask. You put it on like a necklace and wear your mask as you normally would, and when you need to remove your mask, it hangs suspended (as sunglasses would on a sunglasses strap) so you don’t have to worry about holding it in your hand or resting it on a potentially unclean surface. Genius, no?

Beauty and lifestyle expert and entrepreneur Lara Eurdolian created the trend by pointing out that the multi-use handbag chain strap she sells in her online shop, Pretty Connected, could also be paired with cloth face masks. Prior to the pandemic, these chains were often used by the fashion set to carry everything from cameras to handbags, but they’ve been given new life as the must-have mask chain of the season, and many other brands have followed Eurdolian’s lead and launched similar accessories.

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Pretty Connected.

If you’re eager to get yourself a mask chain of your own, snag the Nikki Gold Chain Multi-Use Face Mask Strap or any of Pretty Connected’s other chains before they (inevitably) sell out.

If you’re unsure how to style it, Instagram has more than enough inspo to get your creative juices flowing. Read on for a look at how some influencers style their mask chains for summer, and see for yourself why these babies are about to be everywhere.

As A Mask Chain

STYLECASTER | Face Mask Chain Trend

Pretty Connected.

Of course, let’s start off with how people style the chain with their protective cloth face masks before we also look at a few other ways to rock your chain once a mask is no longer mandatory.

Kristi of @thecurrentcrush wore a super-cute mask with a very chic dress, so of course she had to accessorize with a chain mask strap to pull the look together!


Makeda of @glamazondiaries proves the more accessories, the merrier. Why skimp when you could rock a hat, sunnies, a mask and a mask chain? Go big or go home, girl!


In this shot of Sarah of @curvily, we see exactly why this mask chain is so good. To the untrained eye, it just looks like a very on-trend chain necklace. See what I mean?


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Of course, Lara of @prettyconnected rocks her own chains with pride—and style! Pairing the gold chain with tons of gold necklaces really pulls together the look.


As A Necklace

When you aren’t wearing your mask, take a cue from Tezza of @tezza and clip your chain together and wear it as a necklace.


Nikki of @nikkifrenchmakeup double-wrapped her gold chain for a layered look, and I’d seriously never know this was meant to be a mask strap.


As A Camera Strap

Kasey of @thestylewright complemented her silver-strapped bag with her silver chain strap to hold her camera.


As A Handbag Strap

Belle of @littlefashionstylist‘s bag already had a handle, so she clipped on her multi-use chain as an extra-glam detail.


As A Belt

Opal of @opalbyopal simply wrapped her chain around her waist, and boom! A look was born.


As A Water Bottle Holder

Patricia of @patriciafield shows how to rock the multi-use chain as a necklace, camera strap and water bottle holder in this shot, so yes, you’re totally justified if you decide to buy yourself three.


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