The Most Fabulously Risqué Jewelry You Can Buy

Liv Kelleher
The Most Fabulously Risqué Jewelry You Can Buy
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Fashion is all about pushing limits. Taking risks when it comes to what you wear is what pushes fashion forward. Think: RiRi’s naked dress at last year’s CFDA Awards, now barely there dresses are a huge trend. Although risk doesn’t aways equal reward, bold fashion choices are an infallible way to make a statement.

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Where we’ve been seeing risque images lately– jewelry. From penis-shaped earrings to boob-shaped rings, jewelry designers know no limits when it comes to places to draw inspiration from. We’ve rounded up the best pieces of risque jewelry that prove that just about any object can be made to look beautiful, if done right. Click through and decide for yourself– just how risque would you go?

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Nora Kogan Boob Ring, $7160; at Nora Kogan

Penis pendant, $125; at Etsy

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $69; at Love crave

Nora Kogan Booty Ring, $580; at Nora Kogan

Vulva Pendant with Pearl Clitoris, $15; at Etsy

Kesha Rose Penis Post Earring, $12; at Kesha Rose by Charles Albert

Vulva Post Earrings, $10 at Vulva Love Lovely

Jacquie Aiche Fuck Ring, $815 at Jacquie Aiche

Kesha Rose Penis Ring, $15; at Kesha Rose by Charles Ablert

X-Rated Brooch, $9.99; at Etsy

Leaf Mary Jane Rhinestone Double Ring, $12.99; at Love Melrose

Jacquie Aiche Diamond F*ck Necklace, $1890; at Jacquie Aiche 

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