Expert Tips On How To Make Homemade Mayonnaise

Leah Bourne

268246 479479892081882 2101288190 n Expert Tips On How To Make Homemade MayonnaiseChef Eric Ripert, behind the Michelin starred Le Bernardin in New York City, knows a thing or two about making the perfect mayonnaise. Luckily for us, he loves to share his expert tips on his Facebook page for us all to enjoy. Here, how to make mayonnaise the Eric Ripert way. In other words, take notes.

STEP1: Get three yolks, one teaspoon of mustard, and salt and pepper at the ready. Ripert recommends keeping the egg whites for a nice meringue or egg white omelet.

STEP 2: Add the salt, pepper, and mustard in at the beginning to help it emulsify and stabilize.

STEP 3: Mix the eggs, mustard, and seasonings with a whisk and let rest for 30 seconds.

STEP 4: Add vegetable oil very slowly into the mix as you whisk. Ripert says grape seed oil is actually best since it keeps the mayo together when refrigerated.

STEP 5: Keep whisking — you should start to see it getting thicker.

STEP 6: When it’s so thick it sticks to whisk, it’s ready.

STEP 7: At the very end, add a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice and mix a few more times. It will help for thickness and add a little more flavor.



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