Exclusive: Pat Field Has John Galliano Conspiracy Theories


So by now, both the fashion flock and the general public probably just want to forget about John Galliano and his controversial, hateful video that has swept the world. I think all of us could agree that what he said was unequivocally wrong, but it begs the questionhow well do we really know Mr. Galliano? StyleCaster had the chance to catch up with the designer’s long time friend and colleague, Patricia Field, who wanted to weigh in on the matter:

“Beauty, intelligence and energy would describe John as I know him. Where in this trilogy could one find hate?I ask you! My second question is: what exactly did he say? And my third is, what is really going on here?” – Patricia Field

I think it’s safe to say that Patrica Field, who has known the designer for decades, is just as surprised at Galliano’s rant as we are. Also, she seems to suspect that this incident isn’t the real reason that Dior let him go.

But the thing that we can’t wrap our heads around is this: How could he say such ugly things when his art evokes the complete opposite? In response to this question, Patricia Field chalks it up to the theactrics John is famous for.

“We have always known John Galliano and loved him for his theatre. I would interpet this incident as another example of his theatre. If you would see him on stage instead of a club, you’d think its a play, which is exactly what it is,” she said.

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