Exclusive: Mickey Boardman Talks Style For Bluefly

Liz Doupnik

Fact: I think Mickey Boardman might be the funniest person in fashion (I mean, have you seen his Twitter?). I absolutely love his down-to-earth slightly sarcastic perspective on the industry. And let’s not forget his incredibly individualistic approach to style. The Paper Magazine editorial director charms our socks off with his sequined cardigans and trademark statement necklaces.

Obviously, we love any opportunity we can get our hands on to hear the marvel chat about his own inspirations and his perspective on the fashion industry at large. It makes complete and utter sense that Bluefly would tap the style guru to chat about his influences and favorite pieces for their next installment of their Closet Confession series (which just so happens to be a serious obsession of yours truly).

We love how Mr. Mickey celebrates eyewear instead of scoffing at it — it’s like the revenge of the nerds in the very best way. A self-proclaimed fashion victim, the style wonder-at-large walks us through some of his favorite items while sporting some out-of-this-world headwear I mean that batman piece is giving it to us! He also might be the only person on the planet who could rock a major silver confetti-like headband/hat/what-do-you-even-call-that.

His best advice on how to get his job? “The first thing you could do is kill me, because I’m not leaving,” Mickey declares. We love a man who won’t budge, that’s for sure. Check out the exclusive sneak peaks below and be sure to visit Bluefly tomorrow to see the full-length video!