Exclusive: Karl Lagerfeld On Opulence in V’s Asia Issue

Kerry Pieri
Exclusive: Karl Lagerfeld On Opulence in V’s Asia Issue
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The Byzantine Empire is hardly referenced in fashion as regularly, as say, the 70s or Western. Few could mine it with as much extravagance and luxury as Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

In V’s newest issue dedicated to all things Asia, the mag showcases a collage of shots from behind the scenes of the opulant Fall presentation. Lagerfeld explains the source of his inspiration of two women who may seem to have little in common, but both came to run empires in their own right in the mag:
???Theodora and Coco where both in show business before one became the Empress of Byzantium and the other the Queen of Fashion.”

He went onto explain that Coco also regularly referenced Byzantine Empire era details in her work, which came in the form of gold, embroidery and and heavy embellishment in this collection. “Everything [for the collection] was done in France,” the designer notes, “which makes things so expensive, but perfect, too.” We wouldn’t expect anything less.

The issue hits stands May 12.

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