Stylist, director and L.A. hostesss, Jacqui Getty does it all -- including a hot new video featuring the founders of Juicy Couture.

Exclusive: Jacqui Getty Talks To Us & Premieres Her Latest Video On The Juicy Co-Founders

Spencer Cain

 Exclusive: Jacqui Getty Talks To Us & Premieres Her Latest Video On The Juicy Co FoundersJacqui Getty is a renowned Hollywood hostess, known for her gracious manner and hospitality. Her style is sophistication are reminiscent of Tinseltown legends like Barbara Davis and Mary Pickford, but that isn’t all she is. Jacqui is an accomplished costume designer, stylist and now, director. Her debut series “With Love, Jacqui Getty” focuses on some of the most inspirational and creative people she knows: her friends and family. I caught up with Jacqui yesterday and she was eager to share all of the details with me. Check out our chat below and watch our exclusive debut of her second video!

Spencer Cain: Congratulations on everything! I saw the first video in your series and I love it. I just wanted to find out why you decided to start the web series and some interesting subjects you are looking forward to explore.

Jacqui Getty: Well, it’s very personal to me. Pamela Skaist-Levy [founder of Juicy Couture] is one of my best friends and I was so inspired by what they were doing with starting their line all over again. I just love them so much, and I thought, “I’m just going to pick up this camera and get this on film! It’s just incredible what they’re doing.” I kept shooting and I wanted other people and other women to see what they were doing to get inspired by it. They took their own money, they were working out of their house, and they’re just inspiring girls. I loved shooting them and I just started putting something together. Sometimes you put your passions forward and it creates something — and that’s kind of what happened. I’m interested in fashion and people and film. My life is film and fashion. I put the two elements together and it created something. I love hostessing too, so I love bringing people into my life and welcoming them into my world. It’s like bringing everyone together.

SC: As a renowned Los Angeles hostess, what are your entertaining tips?

JG: I love doing my own flowers — and I will always pick the flower of the season! I love doing the table. I just love welcoming people and putting them together.

SC: Who else would you like to profile?

JG: For me, it’s a real personal series. It’s almost like an interview show without having to sit down and ask people questions. It’s a more intimate version, because I know these people personally. I’d really like to do it with people I have a really intimate personal relationship with. I can show a side to the media that people don’t always get to see just by being there. It’s from an interior place of how I feel about someone. My daughter is shooting a movie this summer (Gia Coppola), and I’m shooting a behind-the-scenes of her movie. I will be doing filmmakers I admire and I like and some designers that I know. I am trying to show the creative process and what inspires them. In the below video, Pam and Gela Nash-Taylor show their creative process by showing us their inspiration book and mood board for their new line, Skaist-Taylor.

SC: You have some serious costume design and styling experience — what is your favorite accomplishment?

JG: I did The Darjeeling Limited, I loved doing that. I love production design and working with all the elements of people together. That’s why I love doing these videos too because it’s a family affair. No matter who you work with — be it the production designer or director — all of the elements come together. I saw that Demi Moore‘s dress in Indecent Proposal became pretty iconic, which I chose. I also just did an Oliver Peoples campaign with Lisa Eisner. It’s a little movie, it’s out and up and I loved working with Lisa. I did the Beastie Boys in their green suits — and that was really fun! I love fashion and clothes, but I really love the artistry behind it. I wanted to show a little bit of that because I’ve admired the process all my life.

¬†Photo via Lisa Eisner for Harper’s Bazaar