EXCLUSIVE: “Bachelor” Ben Flajnik On Shoes, Style, Wine & More

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EXCLUSIVE: “Bachelor” Ben Flajnik On Shoes, Style, Wine & More
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When Editorial Director Marni Golden and I heard that the star of the most recent installment of The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, would be making an in store appearance at Macy’s in New York City to celebrate Lacoste footwear, we were pretty excited. After all, the past season of the smash-hit dating show garnered a ton of media attention — not to mention it was deliciously addictive. Last night we had the opportunity to meet with Flajnik for ourselves as he got ready to help fête Lacoste. Check out highlights from our chat below!

Marni Golden: We have watched you on the show and you have really great style, how would you describe your personal style?

Ben Flajnik: My personal style on the show was actually similar to mine in real life, but I did have a wardrobe and a stylist. So I had access to John Varvatos, Ted Baker and a lot of higher end brands that I don’t normally go out and spend thousands of dollars on. Cary Fetman was the stylist and he was fantastic. But I think my style is very kind of English countryside from start to finish. I’ve got my Sonoma roots, I’m a winemaker up there, and I live in San Francisco. So you’ve got town and country. You get a little bit of country influence with the San Francisco style.

MG: In terms of your upbringing, did that influence your style?

BF: Yeah, I think so! I grew up in Sonoma also, so I’ve got a pair of cowboy boots. I’ve got leather boots and things like that. I do wear them mostly in Sonoma, but sometimes it trickles back to the city. My style in San Francisco is mostly slimmer jeans and a lot of layering, because San Francisco is a cold city — a lot of button downs, a lot of light sweaters, vests and corduroy blazers. It’s the way to go.

MG: Why did you team up with Lacoste?

BF: I teamed up with Lacoste because their footwear has come a really long way. All of their leather ankle boots, the oxfords, the wing tips and all of that stuff works really well with my day-to-day lifestyle in San Francisco.

MG: How many pairs of Lacoste shoes do you have?

BF: At least 50! It’s amazing. They’re all in their respective boxes, and a different one comes out every day of the week. I have over 100 pairs of shoes though. I’m an avid collector!

MG: Guys and their shoes! It’s funny, I did a fashion story with a bunch of men recently, and we asked them what their biggest indulgence was and so many of them said socks.

BF: I have so many nice pairs of socks! I’ve probably got a nice pair on right now. I have no problem spending $30 or $40 on a nice pair of socks. Courtney [Robertson, winner of The Bachelor] made me watch one of the Kardashians shows, and the brother was starting a sock line or something. I look at this guy and I’m like, “That’s brilliant! I don’t even know who you are, but that’s brilliant!” It’s a great idea. They look nice! I don’t own one pair of white socks. It’s the golden rule.

MG: We’re big fans of wine, and we’re wondering where we can get your’s?

BF: We just signed with a distributor so they’re figuring it out now. You can buy it online.

MG: How often are you in New York?

BF: I’m here about once a month now.

MG: What are your favorite spots when you’re here?

BF: I’ve been to some really great restaurants here. Last time I was here I went to Otto, Craftbar and Red Farm. I thought Red Farm was outstanding! I go over to Brooklyn every now and again. Benjamin Steakhouse is pretty good, I’m going there tonight — love that place.

MG: What’s a summer wine reccomendation that you love?

BF: Rosé! You guys in New York drink French Provence rosé and I think that’s really, really great. The rest of the country doesn’t understand it like New York does. What you guys do best is Provence rosé by the glass outside in the summer.


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Ben Flajnik and his Lacoste

Photo: Lacoste/

Ben Flajnik and his Lacoste

Photo: Lacoste/

Ben Flajnik and his Lacoste

Photo: Lacoste/

Ben Flajnik and his signature wine.

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