Exclusive: Announcing BCBGMAXAZRIA’s Model Search Winner… Amanda Hill!

Liz Doupnik
Exclusive: Announcing BCBGMAXAZRIA’s Model Search Winner… Amanda Hill!
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Today, just by flipping through the TV you can become a fly on the wall of some of the chicest, most competitive or dramatic situations you could possibly imagine. We can live in Beverly Hills for the afternoon or belt our hearts out for the likes of Christina Aguilera. It feels like, however, with a new fashion or music competition popping up what feels like almost every hour, we’re not entirely sure where reality ends and TV editing and plot lines begin.

That’s why when we learned about BCBGMAXAZRIA’s Model Search (that wasn’t being live streamed or televised) our interest was piqued. Could this really be a competition happening the old fashioned way?  Well, as old fashioned as you can be these days (their finalists were posted on their Facebook page giving their followers a chance to share their two cents on the contestants). So what were all these young beauties vying for?

Just a post as the new face of the brand’s upcoming campaign (oh and a whole new wardrobe, can we talk about awesome?!) — an accomplishment even some of the most seasoned models around have yet to score. No big deal. Clearly there was quite a bit to be considered when selecting the winner: did she have what it took to handle the pressure? Can she be a chameleon in front of the camera? And perhaps most importantly, does she embody the ultimate BCBGMAXAZRIA girl?

After much deliberation, we are stoked to announce the winner of the competition who we were fortunate enough to shoot in BCBGMAXAZRIA’s current spring collection. A huge congratulations to the adorable Amanda Hill! With her lanky frame and fierce moves, this fresh face impressed even the most seasoned professionals on set, oh and by the way completely won us over with her insanely endearing and positive attitude.

We absolutely can’t wait to track what’s sure to be a super successful career. Click through the slideshow to see this new model do what she does best and check out our favorite looks from BCBGMAXAZRIA.


Photographer: Ben Fink Shapiro, www.benfinkshapiro.com

Stylist/Fashion Editor: Liz Doupnik

Producer: Marni Golden

Make-Up: Samantha Trinh using Chanel, Atelier Management

Hair: Sascha Breuer using Bumble & Bumble, Starworks Artists

Model: Amanda Hill, Wilhelmina Models

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Runway Brieena Color-Blocked Dress, $398, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Layered Seed-Bead Necklace, $158, BCBGMAXAZRIA

Calhoun Jumpsuit, $248, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Milan Color-Blocked Sandal,$245, BCBGMAXAZRIA; U-Toggle Belt, $78, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Seed Bead Bracelet, $58, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Concave Square Ring, $28, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Tassel Necklace, $68, for similar styles BCBGMAXAZRIA

Left Side

Bennett Satin Pants, $158, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Liberty Blouse, $178, BCBGMAXAZRIA; U-Toggle Belt, $78, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Concave Square Ring, $28, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Zoey Wedge, $250, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Gold Necklace, $118, for similar styles BCBGMAXAZRIA; Bangles, $32, BCBG Generation, for similar styles BCBG.com

Right Side

Runway Dress, for similar styles BCBGMAXAZRIA

Melodie color-blocked Dress, $598, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Blake Metallic Gold Oxfords, $195, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Mask Armor Ring, $118, BCBGMAXAZRIA

Bela Cocktail Dress, $298, BCBGMAXZRIA; Blake Metallic Gold Oxfords, $195, BCBGMAXAZRIA; Bangles, $32, for similar styles BCBG.com

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