EXCLUSIVE: Alice + Olivia’s Bonnaroo Diary!


STACEY BENDET OF ALICE + OLIVIA’S BONNAROO DIARY – music, Moby and one very cool Airstream trailer:

Tour time! After several weeks of renovation (our Airstream needed paisley walls, zebra banquettes, dry erase walls for drawing, and a sticker covered bathroom) we are off to Bonnaroo! For the send off, Moby came down to the
Airstream and tagged our cabinets with his little idiot drawings, too cute! We ran into the girls from The Like (I love) on the street and they came to check out the Airstream too. Our favorite DJ/violinist duo (Mia Moretti + Caitlin Moe) decided to come along for the ride, so well be sleeping Snoopy style head to foot! LOL.

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On the road! The start of our 20-hour drive was a bit rocky the Airstream had some mechanical issues and we had to stop in the middle of nowhere New Jersey. Luckily, there was a nearby mall and while it wasnt exactly Barneys, it did have a giant candy store with every gumball flavor you could ever imagine and a nail salon where we got last minute pedicures (Cleo and I did green, Diggy went black and Mollie went neon)! Mia + Caitlin made amazing mixes for the trip and we had tons of games (everything from Checkers to Trivial Pursuit to Etch-A-Sketch) to keep us busy!

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Bonnaroo. The Airstream has landed! We werent totally prepared for the thousands of concert goers creating a giant clusterf*ck of a traffic jam, but luckily Mia freelances as a traffic cop and got out and started directing everyone (clad in a rather skimpy bikini)!

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We set up. The rainbow kiddie pool and margaritas were a hit. Everyone was trying to check out Caitlin in the pool and take photos in front of the airstream! The ShopBop girls came to start our makeovers. Diane Birch was a dream! We dressed her in a boxy silver sequin top and a super cute army green silk mini skirt before she went to perform.

93578 1276621960 486x EXCLUSIVE: Alice + Olivias Bonnaroo Diary!

Highlights. We all were obsessed with the silent disco tent where Mia and Caitlin (both clad in gold sequins) performed! Kings of Leon, She + Him, The Flaming Lips, Phoenix, and Jay-Z were other highlights. At Jay Electronica, Jay jumped down from the stage, grabbed Cleo, and sang a song to her. He’s the official crush of the tour! Mollie said, “That’s the most romantic thing that’s never happened to me.” Now, despite feeling like our feet might never be clean again, we are leaving the land of hip-hop and hippies and we are off to make over Nashville!

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