Start Your Engines: What We’re Excited About This New York Fashion Week

Liz Doupnik

Although we’ve been tracking the latest trends and designers for weeks now as we prepare for fashion week, there are a few more specific things we really can’t wait to see — from street style and Starbucks to bloggers and catwalk blunders.  It’s the little things that keep us going during the marathon that is New York Fashion Week, so it’s time we gave them a little credit. While we’re stocking up on our own fashion week essentials (ahem, dry shampoo), we’re also mentally preparing to dive stilettos-first into everything fashion week.

An event like New York Fashion Week draws out some of the most influential celebrities, socialities, and editors — providing for a whole lot of eye candy and drama. We can’t wait to scope out who’s awkwardly seated next to whom, who’s undergone a complete style overhaul, and who’s making his or her runway debut. They’re so much to speculate, we can barely contain ourselves! Read on to see just what else is getting our juices pumping this week.


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