Everything You Need to Know About Sex Machines

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Everything You Need to Know About Sex Machines
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Maybe you’ve seen some of the latest sex toys and thought they were a fairly new invention. I know I didn’t realize how long they’ve been around. In fact, they’ve been on this Earth longer than electricity has. It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, our genitals can bring us great pleasure, and every person likes experiences that. It doesn’t matter what decade, generation or era we are in—we all like getting off.

That’s why it makes sense the first pleasure machine was invented in 1734 and was powered by steam. But it wasn’t quite invented for pleasure. It was supposed to cure “hysteria,” a made-up medical condition used to describe a wide range of symptoms in women including anxiety, insomnia, fluid retention and generally being “difficult.” Doctors believed if a female couldn’t release her semen (you read that right—they believed women had semen), it would build up and poison the bloodstream, causing this nonexistent ailment. Eventually, doctors got so tired of having to rub the genitals of women until they climaxed, they invented a device to do the work for them. And so, the first vibrator was born.

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These days the subject is not as taboo as it was in the Victoria era, and for good reason since the female orgasm, no matter how it’s achieved, shouldn’t be something we aren’t allowed to talk about, and while hysteria really isn’t a thing, everyone needs to climax. One of many ways people can accomplish this is through a sex machine: a device that mimics the act of having sexual intercourse. While similar to a vibrator, it goes an extra step and typically includes an element of “riding” it (like you might a partner).

Although there have been plenty of attempts to make sex machines in the past (and present), here are three of the most popular types you can purchase today.

The Sybian

The Sybian ($1,245) is widely considered the elder states-person of modern sex machines. Its development began in the early 1980s, and the technology has improved ever since. It is easy to use and can stimulate you in a variety of ways. Customers swear it has enhanced their sex life and say it allows you to “customize your orgasm” to suit your needs or current mood and comes with different attachments. It’s also known to hit all the important spots at once and “creates an intense bond” with you and your partner.

The beauty of this machine is two people can hop on and ride it at once while being close and feeling each other’s skin and body heat while experiencing mind-blowing orgasms.

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The MotorBunny

The MotorBunny is another popular option known for providing “personal pleasure” and designed to “create orgasms that are multi-layered.”

It has 100 percent silicone attachments and an app so your partner can control it for you. The price is right ($899 compared to the $1,245 Sybian) and it’s worth the investment. It also comes with special attachments, such as nipple clamps and restraints. My favorite feature is you get a Bluetooth controller, which allows you to control your MotorBunny from your device and stimulate your partner within 15 feet. Fantasies about cooking dinner while your lover is finishing up work from their home office all while getting you ready for a hot night of loving can become a reality—sign me up.

The MotorBunny is not just for women, either. It comes with a “jiggle butt” for men, which offers a vibrational buzz and “full insertion capabilities.”

The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl is the most recent addition to the sex machine family. This luxe model (it costs $1,995) was created by sex expert, Alicia Sinclair. It comes with vibrating patterns and 360-degree swivel rotation with low to high variable speeds. It’s made from vegan leather and has a slip-resistant base. It comes with two body-safe attachments and offers “the perfect amount of kink” and is sure to look hot with whatever decor you have going on in your bedroom if you care to leave it out on your dresser for easy access.

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Should You Buy One?

While they may be fun, it’s important to note these machines aren’t replacing anything; but what they can do is enhance your sexual experience with your partner or yourself. And lastly, if you’re going to use one, please make sure to read the instructions carefully—not only to ensure you’re getting everything you can out of your sex machine, but also that you are using it safely. Enjoy the ride!


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