Every Single Bikini Photo Kim Kardashian Has Ever Posted to Instagram

If there’s one thing we can depend on in this crazy, crazy world, it’s that Kim Kardashian won’t let too much time pass between posting bikini photos to Instagram.

It’s no secret that the 33-year-old reality star is legitimately obsessed with herself—even mom Kris Jenner demonstrated concern for her daughter’s staggering levels of vanity in this week’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”—and because of this, she can’t seem to let a day go by without showing her body to her 16 million followers.

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While we could launch into a whole song and dance about whether she’s over-sexualizing herself, and why she feels the need to constantly take provocative (some might say desperate) photographs when she could be out doing important stuff like caring for her baby daughter, we won’t bore you.

Instead, we’ve combed through every single one of Kim’s Instagram photos—just over 1,800 at the time of publication—and located every single shot she’s posted in a bikini. Why? Because we’re curious to see if she’s always been as brazen with sharing skimpy snaps as she’s been the last few weeks.

What’s surprising: Although it seems like we’re seeing a new swimsuit shot every minute, she’s only posted 45 bikini pictures in total. That means only 2.5% of Kim’s Instagram feed is made up of pictures that show her in some type of bikini. Feels more like 100%, we know.

The time Kim took North into the ocean in a photo that wasn’t staged at all.

The time Kardashian posted a whole video of herself in a bikini in Thailand.

The time Kim splayed out on a towel and took a gratuitous shot of her boobs (and the rest of her body, natch.)

The time Kim splayed out on another towel and took another gratuitous shot of her boobs and the rest of her body.

The time Kim splayed out in the surf and posted a gratuitous shot of her (almost) naked ass.

The time Kim splayed out on a towel and, well, you know.

The time Kim clearly got tired from swimming, and decided to post a bikini shot instead.

The time she wanted to let us all know that she sunbathes topless, she reads by the pool, and she has a pregnant friend.

Kim doing the whole “my stomach looks so flat from this angle” post.

Look, it’s a mermaid!

What, don’t you sit like that on vacation.

The time she wore a boots to the beach. “#tbt #thatcowgirl.”

The time Kim stole Kylie’s bikini. “She’s not getting it back.”

The time Kim loved the way she looked so much in Kylie’s bikini, she posted another angle.

The time she posted a #tbt from Vegas 2006. As if Kanye would let her out of the house looking like that now.

The time Kim posted a #tbt of the “Dash dolls.” In bikinis, obviously.

Fine, it’s not a bikini, but this is what happens when Kanye West starts to orchestrate your Instagram account. 

Whaddaya know, another bikini #tbt.

This time, Kim posted a Flashback Friday of she and Kourtney in Bora Bora. And in matching bikinis.

A #FBF of Kim looking just she escaped from WWE’s “Divas Raw.”

A Flashback Friday posted while Kardashian was pregnant. “Miss u!” she wrote.

The time Kim wore a bikini top in her Madame Tussauds wax statue. Just kidding, this is real!

A 100% gratuitously pointless butt photo.

How Kim Kardashian celebrates Super Bowl.

No idea what’s going on here.

Just gravity doing its job.

“Me Ke Aloha!”

The time Kim got the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Just kidding.

A #tbt from Mexico, 2008.

Apparent;y, this bikini shot used #nofilter and #nophotoshop

The original 2012 photo, before she made it the #TBT above.

“Thanks to all you 2 million sexy beasts out there for following me on Instagram! So heres a little present of me in full on beast mode! LOL.” Yeah, that happened.

One photo wasn’t enough, obviously.

God forbid, Kim promote “KUWTK” not in a bikini.

Like, why?

Don’t use baby Mason to hide the fact you wanted a photo of yourself in a bikini.

Another not-staged-at-all photo.

Kim captioned this bikini pic “Gluten free is the way to be….OH Hiiiiiiiiiiii.” Um, what?

“Decided to not eat the cake! This pic put me in check ! LOL” Way to be a positive role model.

So. many. photo. shoots.

Caption: “Jean jackets for spring time.” And bikinis, obviously.

“I love my sisters!” this one read. And they all love bikinis.

Somebody just downloaded Mirrorgram!

This totally counts.