Eva Chen Shares Her Fall Fashion Staples (and Some Style Tips, Too!)


Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

As a native New Yorker and the editor-in-chief of Lucky, Eva Chen is no stranger to the city’s fashion scene. As a true social media whiz (that includes her own hashtag, #EvaChenPose), Eva shares her daily fashion and beauty finds—as well as her amazing outfits—with her many, many followers. That said, she’s careful not to take it all too seriously.  Read on to find out her ultimate style tips, fall fashion staples, and what New York style really means to her.

What does New York Style mean to you?

I’m a native New Yorker so New York Style means a lot of things.  I grew up in the ’80s so New York style means punk.  I went to school on the Upper East Side so New York style means Park Avenue prep and perfectly polished Park Avenue women.  And it means everything in between.  But mostly what it means is kind of this raw energy, this constant sense of change and evolution.

And what is your number one style tip that you give women?

My number one style tip is to not be so serious.  I think there’s a lot of pressure to have a signature style, and to know what looks good on you all the time. But failing, trying different things, and looking slightly awkward is what helps you find out what looks good on you.  Because of street style now there is almost a little bit more pressure because people feel like everyone emerged from clam shells like Aphrodite with this perfect style.  That’s kind of a fallacy.  Trial and error makes for the best street style.

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And what are some of your fall style staples?

Today is one of the first days in a while that I’ve done a really dark lip inspired by Lucky’s April Lily Collins cover, so I think I will be trying to embrace berries and earth tones.  I’m really into brown nail polish for fall and winter, that 90’s feeling nail polish. I wish my mom still had all of her Donna Karan from the 90’s.  And because I’m expecting, my style staples will be combat boots (in particular I love the Calvin Klein pony-hair hair with the silver Doc Martin laces) and then sweater dresses.  Basically giant oversized sweater dresses, big clunky combat boots, and like a big faux fur jackets.  That will be my fall and winter look, with the giant pregnant belly.

Do you have any fall beauty tips or beauty favorites?

Well it’s a transitional time for skip so I do a switch from a foaming cleanser to an oil cleanser just because the skin gets so much dryer.  And then a face oil instead of a serum.  Over the summer I use a light weight serum for hydration and then for the winter I dip my face in oil basically every night.  So some of my favorites are Clarins and Nude skin care has a good one.

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