12 Unique Holiday Gifts From Etsy That They Definitely Don’t Already Have

Katie Decker-Jacoby
12 Unique Holiday Gifts From Etsy That They Definitely Don’t Already Have

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UGG slippers—check. Wireless earbuds—check. Photo calendar—check. Year after year, you might feel like you’ve exhausted your best holiday gift ideas. I’m in the same boat, trying to find gifts that I haven’t already bought. I want to give my loved ones presents that they actually want to keep and show off to the world, rather than just another pair of fuzzy socks. 

There’s no need to start scrambling, though, because Etsy exists. You might think the site is more DIY and crafty, but it’s also home to heaps of handmade, vintage, and custom items. From pumpkin spice goodies to vaccine card holders, there’s something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. There are countless unique gift options that your loved one likely doesn’t already have. After all, you want them to keep and cherish your gift. You don’t want to give them another bathrobe that they shove to the back of their closet and never end up using. 

But it can be tough to know where to begin, since Etsy has a practically never-ending amount of sellers and products. To help you get started, we scoured the depths of Etsy to uncover the 12 best and most unique holiday gifts you can shop right now.

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TatumsSweets Hot Chocolate Bombs Gift Set Etsy

Photo: TatumsSweets.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs are perfect for anyone on your list. You can’t go wrong with a food gift, let alone one as rich and indulgent as this hot chocolate bomb set.

Etsy Morse Code Bracelet

Courtesy of Etsy.

Morse Code Bracelet

Jewelry makes for great gifts, and if you want to give them a piece that has a secret meaning to it, this Morse code bracelet has got you covered. “Sister,” “bff,” and “my person” are just a few of the words you can choose from. My friend sent me a “bestie” bracelet and even though most might see it as just a cute bracelet, I see it as a thoughtful reminder of our friendship. 

Hot Sauce Trio Etsy

Courtesy of Etsy.

Hot Sauce Trio 

Spice up the holidays with this homemade hot sauce trio. Habanero, jalapeño and sweet chili will surely pique their interest and taste buds. 

Reusable Face Wipes Etsy

Courtesy of Etsy.

Reusable Face Wipes 

Rather than buy your beauty guru friend a product that may or may not work for their skin, give them these foolproof reusable face wipes. There’s brushed soft cotton on one side and then you can choose between fleece or bamboo toweling on the other side. 

Etsy Arch Candle

Courtesy of Etsy.

Arch Candle

Ditch the predictable fall-scented candle and go for one of these trendy geometric ones that have likely entered your feed on many different occasions. They won’t be expecting this customizable arch-shaped candle. Their room will both smell and look that much cooler.

Etsy Vodka Infusion Cocktail Kit

Courtesy of Etsy.

Vodka Infusion Cocktail Kit 

Sometimes the best gift is one that they can enjoy making themselves. Instead of going the typical route of buying a bottle of wine from the grocery store, gift them this DIY cocktail kit. It comes with all of the jars and strainers they’d need to mix up fancy infused vodka. 

Etsy Flower Coaster

Courtesy of Etsy.

Flower Coaster

Coasters are standard gifts for the home, and this hand-poured design will show your care for the person and their space. No coaster looks the same and each is made with real flower petals.

Etsy Custom Planner

Courtesy of Etsy.

Custom Planner

Planners might seem like a throw-away gift idea, but they aren’t when they’re actually personalized. This Etsy seller can print your giftee’s name on the cover of the planner. They’ll be sure to appreciate this extra touch of personalization.

Etsy Self Care Package

Courtesy of Etsy.

Self Care Package

A care package is one of the warmest gifts you can give. But if your presentation skills aren’t great, or you don’t have a lot of time, Etsy has a ton of beautiful pre-made ones. This one is a mental health and self care box that has everything they would need for a relaxing spa day

Rectangle Keychain Customized Etsy

Courtesy of Etsy.

Rectangle Keychain

Gift a keychain if you want to give them something they’ll always have on hand. Better yet, get them a keychain with a thoughtful message or their initials on it.

Etsy Cozy Tea Care Package

Courtesy of Etsy.

Cozy Tea Care Package

This care package is built for the tea snob in your life. It comes with chai tea, fuzzy socks, a mug, honey, and cinnamon sticks. They’ll be all warmed up and recharged after treating themselves to a cup of tea that was made with lots of love.

Calendar Keychain Etsy

Courtesy of Etsy.

Calendar Keychain 

This calendar keychain will be a constant reminder of a special date or occasion. You can also get a short message or name engraved on the heart piece. The personal touch will be so appreciated.

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