Etiquette 101: Your Wine Etiquette Questions Answered

Leah Bourne

wine etiquette Etiquette 101: Your Wine Etiquette Questions AnsweredSomething about wine makes even the etiquette masters among us a tad nervous. We’ve all questioned at some point if we are pouring it right, if we are serving it at the right temperature, and so much more.
Here, a few of the wine etiquette questions that we get asked the most.
What temperature do I serve a glass of wine?
A common mistake many wine drinkers make is serving red wine too warm and white wine too cold. Serve red wine no warmer than 65 degrees. When it is too warn it does not retain the taste of its acidity. As for white wine, serve it around 45 degrees. If it is too cold, the flavors will be hidden.
How much wine should I pour in a glass?
This is one of the most asked wine questions, how much is the right pour? For red wine, fill it one-third full, and for white wine, fill it one-half full.
There are reasons why you shouldn’t fill your wine glass to the top. Filling a red wine glass only one-third full allows you to give it a good swirl, and it allows the wine to aerate.
Sparkling wines and champagne are the exception, and these glasses can be filled about three-quarters full (almost to the top of the glass).
Should you smell your wine before you drink it?
It’s the smart thing to do to give your wine a sniff before you drink it. Even the most novice wine drinkers will smell a bad wine.
What wine should I bring to a dinner party?
Wine experts tend to agree that when in doubt bring a Pinot—either Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir. You really can’t go wrong. And don’t be afraid to ask advice when you are browsing in the wine store! Another thing to keep in mind: when you bring wine as a gift to a dinner party, don’t expect your host to open it that night.
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