Etiquette 101: How To Send a Text Message

Leah Bourne

abbey lee kershaw Etiquette 101: How To Send a Text MessageIn an age where so many conversations are done via text message, it is no wonder that misunderstandings are rampant. After all, tone is next to impossible to convey in text messages, not everyone knows what LOL LMFAO ATK means, and no, it is not OK to text everywhere and anywhere. Here, some quick tips to keep in mind when you are texting.
1. Texting is not an actual conversation (yes, you might want to repeat that yourself a few times to let it fully sink in). Think of texts as preludes or follow-ups to conversation, not the conversation itself. If you have a long message to convey (160 characters or more) a phone call or an e-mail is a better way to communicate.
2. It is next to impossible to convey tone in a text, even more so than in an e-mail. Texts are best left for mundane messages like, “I’m on my way, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”
3. There are plenty of moments when you shouldn’t text. Keep texting to a minimum at the movies, in church, at meetings, in class, when you are at dinner with friends. Use your best judgement, and remember, texting at the wrong moment can give you a reputation for being rude, and no one wants that.
4. Texting is for the most informal of situations. You don’t want to represent your business in a text message, unless it has been pre-arranged (like, say, arranging to meet up with a client and texting about it). Call or e-mail instead.
5. Don’t use text lingo and shorthand unless you’re positive the recipient is fluent. LOL, BRB, LMAO—it is easy to assume that every knows what you are talking about, but seriously, not everyone does.
6. Don’t send texts after bedtime. If the recipient forgot to turn their phone to silent before turning in for the night you are going to inevitably wake that person up. No one wants to get out of their deep slumber at 4 a.m. to a text message that reads, “What’s up!” Save it for the morning.
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