Etiquette 101: 8 Gym Etiquette No No’s

Leah Bourne

o-VINTAGE-WEIGHT-LOSS-ADVICE-facebookYou consider the gym a place of solace. A place where you can sweat, better your body, and even better your mind. That is until the rude gym patron you are working out next to forgets to wipe the sweat off the bench he just used. Just because the gym is a relaxed environment, doesn’t mean you can let all etiquette go out the window. Here, some key etiquette no no’s to keep in mind. Some might sound like common sense, but if everyone did them all, we wouldn’t need to reiterate them here.
1. Don’t Keep Equipment You Aren’t Using: Taking up multiple pieces of equipment during peak times, or while others are waiting to use them, is simply a no no. It might be OK if the gym is especially quiet, but come on, you know when you’re being selfish.
2. Wear Deodorant: We hate that we actually have to say this, but some people simply forget to do this when they go to the gym, thus the words of advice. Enough said, just do it.
3. Always Have a Towel With You: Yes, it really is your responsibility to wipe down the equipment you have just used. You don’t like touching other people’s sweat so you can bet that other people don’t like touching your sweat.
4. Put Your Weights Back When You Are Done With Them: Know how frustrated you get when you can’t find the weights you want to use, when you want to use them? Well everyone else feels the exact same way. It’s just the nice thing to do.
5. Don’t Ask Your Workout Neighbors For Advice: Seriously, no one wants to be asked while they are working out what their routine is, you’ll break their concentration and seriously piss them off in the process. Keep in mind that your fellow gym rats aren’t actually your friends.
6. Put Your Cell Phone Away: You’re not that important that you can’t take a break from your phone for long enough to train. Get over yourself, and leave the phone in your locker.
7. Don’t Offer Unsolicited Advice: Don’t coach anyone who doesn’t ask for it first. It just isn’t your place, so don’t do it.
8. Don’t Ogle Other Members At the Gym:┬áThis goes for both sexes, so stop staring at the hot girl in yoga pants or the ripped guy doing push-ups.
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