Erin Wasson’s Jewelry Only Shoot, Jerry Hall On LSD!

Kerry Pieri


  • Jerry Hall let psychedelics decide her future: “A boy gave me a quarter of a tab. I didn’t know what it was!’ she said, “I actually had never taken drugs and was very nervous… I locked myself in the bathroom and spent the whole night staring in the mirror, going, “Oh, my God.” She conintued, “All of a sudden, I thought, ‘Wow!’ After her 17th birthday she flew to Paris. And I swear I’m not thinking I should go get a tab. (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Amanda Seyfried landed her first beauty campaign as the face of Cl de Peau Beaut, owned by Shiseido. She was shot by David Sims for the campaign images. I can be happy for people who sign lucrative deals. (Elle)
  • David Sims also shot Chloe’s ad campaign for Spring. I love a good Chloe ad. It will break in February. (WWD)

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  • Sebastien Faena shot Paz de la Huerta sucking on her thumb for the Winter cover of Muse. First it was baby animals, then models with babies, and now models pretending to be babies? (Design Scene)


  • RT @fuggirls Things you don’t want to hear from Terminix: “I hope it’s not those German roaches. They multiply & are IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of.” -H That’s the worst thing I’ve ever read.

107665 1292613104 Erin Wassons Jewelry Only Shoot, Jerry Hall On LSD!

107666 1292613214 Erin Wassons Jewelry Only Shoot, Jerry Hall On LSD!

  • RT @cmbenz Chris Benz Just barfed in my office! Yay! #holidays #bah-humbug hmm, not a good holiday tweet.