Erin Wasson’s Hat Trick In February’s French Vogue

Erin Wasson’s Hat Trick In February’s French Vogue
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In all of the recent talk about Spring 2011 ad campaigns, our girl Erin Wasson has kind of gotten the shaft. Every season she serves as the face of a few brands here and there, but we sadly hadn’t noticed her while compiling our recent ad round-ups. A few days ago, we received our February issue of French Vogue, and we peeped her pretty face not one, not two, but three times!

Kerry and I both flipped through the mag separately after it arrived, and we both thought out loud, “Wow! Erin Wasson looks really gorgeous!” Kerry was commenting on her Joie campaign, while I was more drawn to her Zadig & Voltaire spot probably because I’m a sucker for tattoos and a well-placed skull.

To complete the hat trick, Erin’s ethereal Elie Saab ad also makes an appearance. The images run the gamut from boho-chic to rock ‘n’ roll to stark minimalism, but which of her Spring 2011 offerings do you prefer?