Erin Fetherston’s Whimsical Runway


Yesterday, I started off the day strong and pumped for a day of shows. I was well-rested thanks to my, er, lack of Valentine this year and my equal lack of desire to spend the holiday drinking myself into oblivion with my girlfriends. I showed up to my first show on time, thankyouverymuch, and then plowed through the next two presentations with speed and thoroughness, all the while patting myself on the back for having the foresight to rest up the night before. Right. Fast forward to nine shows later, and I was a wilted flower groaning, “Nooooo morrrre fashionnnn showwwws,” to every poor soul I happened to come into contact with.

Good thing for me the day was capped off with the best runway of the day: Erin Fetherston. I always, always love attending Fetherston’s shows; not only are her clothes light and feminine and whimsical, the show itself never fails to lift my spirits and put me into a good mood. The gorgeous blonde designer injects a playful, childlike touch into her shows, reminding everyone not to take it all too seriously.

Last night’s production was no exception. Inspired by The Nutcracker and set to music more appropriate to a three-way circus than a fashion show, Fetherston sent a collection full of her usual romantic tulle dresses down the runway, and also added in a slew of more tailored pieces like perfectly cut tuxedo jackets, full stiff skirts, and skinny wool trousers that put some great structure into the collection. The models looked like a row of precious life-sized dolls. Also, I’m OBSESSED with the animal mask hats Fetherston used in the last few exits.

Bottom line? It was my favorite collection I’ve seen from Fetherston yet and I left the Tents grinning–no small feat for the end of a fashion week Sunday of back-to-back shows.