Erin Fetherston Preps New Look Book Video


Erin Fetherston is in the midst of shooting her new video look book for her fall 2009 line. Last year, Fetherston called on Zooey Deschanel for her short film showcasing her Fall/Winter 2008 line. In the dialogue free movie, Deschanel trips on psychedelic mushrooms in the forest and is rescued by a gorgeous boy. Her rescuer doesn’t move his arms when he runs but to compensate he doesn’t wear a shirt– sunrise, sunset.

This year, Fetherston is recruiting fresh new talent to collaborate on her video. Musician on the rise, Reni Lane gives us some insider information about the shoot and what to expect in the next Erin Fetherston installment.

[You] can imagine my giddiness the other day to find myself jumping joyfully for the cameras in a red tuxedo from Erin’s fall 2009 line. Lined up on a cobblestone street between gorgeous girls in even more gorgeous frocks, Erin had asked me to be a part of her new film after meeting her and photographer friend Ellen Von Unwerth at a 20’s inspired costume party. It was designer-artist love at first sight, for me at least.

I’m not allowed to spill the secrets to the film (which will be released later in the year), but imagine a West Village goddess version of “A Hard Day’s Night”: sky-high heels, a ringleader with a crowd of devoted fashion fanatics, and of course, tons of beautiful clothes worthy of Beatle-mania obsession. I know firsthand