Erickson Beamon pairs with Target, Michelle Obama


Is Michelle Obama at the cutting edge of the jewelry market? Perhaps so.

Last night, Mrs. Obama wore a pearl necklace with floral decoration designed by Erickson Beamon, which added a touch of flavor to her simple lavender frock. Today? Target announces that designers Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon are partnering with the giant department store to create a limited-edition jewelry collection, Erickson Beamon for Target®.

Target has had success with their series of previous partnerships image(like Justin Giunta’s Subversive for Target®), which produce limited-time-only accessories by well-known designers.  The line is a great opportunity to own work by these accomplished designers at a much more accessible price point; an increasingly important for concern for jewelry lovers who may nevertheless find themselves bedeviled by the tight economy.

The Erickson Beamon for Target® collection will be available at most Target stores nationwide and at from February 15 through June 26, 2009. But you have to wait until January for pictures!!

Michelle Obama knows how to get the most from her money; according to a spokesperson for Erickson Beamon, the floral pieces on the chain of pearls worn by Mrs. Obama—who has been a long time client and worn many pieces throughout the campaign—are actually individual brooches that she attached to the strand. They were specially designed for her  by Karen Erickson.  Michelle purchased the brooches through Ikram in Chicago.

Necklace? Brooch? Both!