Eric Lewis, Jazz Pianist And One Determined Individual

Kerry Pieri

One hardly arrives in the presence of a jazz musician without getting the feeling that a smooth cat has entered your hemisphere. Eric Lewis is no exception. This Jersey native has played with the greats from Wynton Marsalis to Cassandra Wilson and was a member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. In short, he’s what we might call incredibly accomplished if we weren’t so into the word extraordinary lately.

We sat down with ELEW, as the artist goes by, to talk music as therapy and why having an audience trust you with their atmosphere is the best it gets. Check out the video below to get the whole story and stay tuned for Part 2 with Eric Lewis to come soon. And for even more inspiration from other masters of their game like hat designer Eugenia Kim and turntable whiz DJ Cassidy, watch our entire Stay Extraordinary video series.
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