Entourage: Season Finale Recap


It totally seems like the Entourage crew had been listening to their fan’s complaints lately, after watching last night’s season finale. The fact that the show seems to kind of…go nowhere, but we keep watching anyway. (Sort of like The Hills, but with more pop culture references and Brooks Brothers.) But after last night…dare I say I’m impressed?

Matt Damon guest-starred…and made Vince feed the children. Turtle is a single man again, because, besides Sloane, no girl lasts a full season on Entourage. However, he’s still in school, surrounded by college chicks, and perhaps doing more with his life. Speaking of Sloane…OMG, Eric proposed! So unexpected, and the thought of a married dude rolling with Vince’s crew will definitely be a welcome change. If it works out, anyway. Last, but not least…Lloyd finally getting a legit agent job from Ari, which shows that he has a heart after all. “Congrats, you’re finally a real Asian!” Ari said, proving he hasn’t strayed too far.

Although the show seems to be fizzling a bit, and, just wrapping its sixth season, last night’s episode reminded us a bit of the early years. Kind of like break-up sex…pretty fun, but you know it’s on its way out.