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Who is Zoe’s Father In ‘The Mother?’ All The Clues That Lead To Paternity

Protecting her child's life at all cost.
Zoe Father The Mother
Image: Netflix © 2023.

If you’ve watched the thriller movie on Netflix and want to know a definitive answer about who is Zoe’s father in The Mother, we got you covered.

Following a grueling journey to protect her daughter, The Mother depicts the strong bond between a U.S. Army operative known as The Mother (played by Jennifer Lopez) and her daughter Zoe (played by Lucy Paez). They attempt to survive through dangers that are caused by ex-SAS marine Adrian Lovell (played by Joseph Fiennes) and arms dealer Hector Álvarez (played by Gael García Bernal), both of who were romantically involved with The Mother before Zoe’s birth.

So the real question is: Who is Zoe’s real dad? Read more if you dare.

Who is Zoe’s real father in The Mother?

The Mother
Image: Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2023.

Who is Zoe’s real dad in The Mother? It’s not specifically stated in the movie on who the actual father is. However, it’s more than likely that Adrian’s the real father based on evidence. The Mother had put Zoe in protective services after realizing that her job would put her daughter in inherit danger. She tells FBI Agent William Cruise that there are three conditions that she wants for her daughter: the child will have a life as ordinary as possible, she’ll get a photo every birthday, and to call her if she is in jeopardy.

After kidnapping Zoe, Hector cornered The Mother and asked him the question about Zoe’s paternity. She replies, “Does it matter?” before killing him in order to escape the brutal conditions he caused. Adrian also inquires if he is the father when he threatens The Mother and Zoe in a cabin that they’re hiding out in from him and his henchman.

Adrian calls over to the mother over the radio, “Our girl’s got potential. She’s so like you. Meet me two clicks to the left of your position, or I destroy that potential right now.”

The duo faces Adrian and his henchmen after The Mother teaches her biological daughter some defense and survival tactics. Adrian successfully kidnaps Zoe but The Mother confronts him and ends up sniping him. She ends up returning Zoe to her adoptive family and watches her grow from afar.

What has Jennifer Lopez said about her character in The Mother?

The Mother
Image: Eric Milner/Netflix © 2023.

What has Jennifer Lopez said about her character in The Mother? Lopez loved her role as the actioned-packed character known as The Mother. The “On The Floor” singer gushed to Reuters about the persistence of her character.  She loves “how she would do anything to protect her child. I also think … there’s an underlying theme of what it is to be a mother and what the idea of the perfect mom is and how that really doesn’t exist.”

She also praised her younger co-star Lucy Paez during filming. “Whenever you work with somebody like (Paez) who’s talented and young, you remember to enjoy and … how exciting it is … I always feel like I’m pretty grateful … but you just can’t help kind of fall into the routine of like ‘oh, I got to get up another day, I got to do this’ and when you have somebody on the set who’s so exuberant every single day and so excited to be there, it’s like ‘yeah, let’s do it’ … It reminds you how lucky you are.”

Omari Hardwicke who plays FBI Agent William Cruise also raved to Coming Soon about J-Lo’s hard work on set. “Whether Jenny from the block got away from the block and always will pay homage in the innate qualities that come from a girl raised in a Puerto Rican family who happens to again be from the Bronx. When she embraces that, which is natural to her, which is the job as an actor. To embrace what’s natural, to figure out what’s not natural, and to make the two coexist. All the natural crap you bring, all the stuff you don’t naturally have in gift or in craft. You figure out how to bring. You marry the two together and you let it rip. She is, to your point, naturally gifted at that part. So that was really an amazing thing to watch her bring her natural gift. It was impressive.”

What has the director of The Mother said about Zoe’s father?

The Mother
Image: Ana Carballosa/Netflix © 2023

What has the director of The Mother said about Zoe’s father? Director Niki Caro focuses the story on the hard work and protectiveness of The Mother rather than on who the father is. “It’s a really beautiful line where she says, ‘She’s not Adrian’s, she’s not Hector’s, she’s mine,’ ” Caro told Tudum. “The point is not the paternity, the point is the maternity. The point is she’s the mother. She’s the person responsible for protecting this child’s life.”

She talked about the scene where The Mother shoots Adrian and how it means more than a kill. “The act of sniping is sort of weirdly elegant,” Caro explained. “It seems weirdly sort of female to me, that you go in, you identify, you do your job, you get out and it’s quiet. [For] every piece of violence that’s executed, there’s a reason. And the reason in this movie is profoundly maternal: to protect a child. Simple as that.”

As for the aftermath of watching her daughter grow from afar, Caro said, “The idea is: she’s always going to be there as her protector. You see her wearing the little bracelet that her daughter made for her, which indicates that they have a relationship going forward,” she says. Hopefully, their next family vacation will be a little calmer.”

The Mother is now available to stream on Netflix.

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