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Summer House’s Lindsay’s Reveals Her Relationship With Hannah After Her Drama With Her Ex Luke

Plus, what leads up to this season's massive physical fight.
Lindsay Hubbard, "Summer House"
Image: Adobe. Courtesy of Bravo. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

As a publicist, Lindsay Hubbard is used to being behind the camera, but after five seasons on Summer House, she’s getting used to the spotlight. 

“When you’re a publicist, you’re very much behind the scenes. You’re the one pulling the strings and being the puppeteer of controlling everything that needs to happen in front of the camera,” she tells StyleCaster. “It was definitely very interesting for me to become an in-front-of-the-camera girl. But I’ve always had that outgoing personality to begin with, so it wasn’t scary. It was more ‘I am who I am, take me as I am.’” 

Lindsay is one of nine cast members on season 5 of Summer House, Bravo’s reality TV series about a group of 20- and 30-somethings living in a house in the Hamptons over the summer. Unlike previous seasons—which saw the cast members back and forth between New York City and the Hamptons during the work week and the weekend—the current season was quarantined, with cameras on the cast 24/7 for six weeks. 

“You get to know the ins and outs of everyone’s natural habitat and behaviors. In the past seasons, you see us partying on the weekend and going back to the city and doing our jobs,” Lindsay says. “This season, it’s very much around the clock. We’re in the house. We’re not leaving. You see how people operate.”

With so many personalities under one roof, there was bound to be drama this season, and Lindsay promised that fans won’t be disappointed. Ahead, Lindsay talked to StyleCaster about this season’s physical fight, the cast members who are more “cared for” than others and what her relationship with Hannah is like after hooking up with her ex Luke. 

On how she became a part of Summer House 

“Five or six years ago, when the creators were developing a show about a group of friends going from New York to the Hamptons during the summertime. They basically met Kyle and at that point in time, we had an extended group of friends that reached into the 100 mark. Kyle basically gets cast and is like, ‘You need to come to one of our group parties.’ The creators came to our big party of us in one space and were like, ‘Holy moly. We just hit the jackpot!’ We kind of fell into it in the beginning. It made sense. I’m going to go out to the Hamptons anyway, why not just throw a camera on us?”

On the cast members who put in “more effort” than others when cleaning

“I wish I could say I was surprised that some people put in more effort than others, but I’m not. We’ve shared a house for a long time and there’s a core group of people who do more of the heavy lifting. Every single season, it has to be talked about, and we do talk about it every season. If it weren’t for the Kyle and Carl and Lindsay and Danielle and Luke of the group, nothing would be getting done. You have to step up. That’s what happens in real life. I don’t know if it’s so much as an age difference as much as it’s the idea of fending for yourself and being independent. I’ve been financially and every type of independent since a very young age. Others have been cared for and nurtured more through their 20s than some of us, who have been doing everything for ourselves.”

On Stephen not knowing she was on Summer House 

“I met Stephen through one of my best friends. They were working together at a hospitality group. I randomly sat next to him at this dinner for this opening party at a restaurant. We started chatting and he had no idea I was on the show. I think a lot of single guys don’t necessarily watch reality television. He didn’t  know who I was. I was like, ‘Yeah, I have to leave this dinner now because I have to get a spray tan.’ He was like, ‘Oh. Well, that’s quite the excuse.’ And I was like, ‘No, really, I have to go.’ Te was very open to my lifestyle and that it was a little more public, which was appealing to me, because in New York City, it’s difficult to find a guy, who’s amenable to the fact you live a very public life. When it came down to him coming this summer, he was open to it, but I also personally had my reservations to if he could handle it. It’s a lot of pressure. Even though we are ourselves we’re not scripted, it’s still hard for some people to be in that environment.”

On her and Stephen’s relationship now

“I broke with him in October, which was about a month after filming wrapped. I think it’s best not to talk. When you go through a break up, you need to unravel and digest and reflect in your own way and your own time. It’s better to do that by yourself and with your therapist. I don’t really need him persuading my opinions of what’s going on in my head. When I broke up with him, it was very decisive. It was very much the last swing at bat.”

On if she’s dating anyone now 

“I’m doing my own thing. I’m in the zone right now. I’ve gone on a few dates in the last four months since we’ve broken up. I’m not in a position where I necessarily care. I’ve made the mistake in the past where I’ve got myself in a relationship a little too soon without fully understanding who that person is. I’m not willing to make that mistake again. I’m hanging out and keeping myself occupied. Sure, you can take me on a date. No problem. But don’t expect anything from me. I’m busy. Carl lives in my building, so if I need male energy and attention, I’ll just go downstairs to his apartment.”

On her relationship with Luke

“I absolutely adore Luke. He’s a genuinely good guy. I think he tends to get himself into some messy situations with girls and I’m no exception to that. You’re going to have to wait and see how that unfolds for yourself. Listen, we all do crazy things. We’re all human. I don’t regret anything, let’s just say that.”

On her relationship with Hannah now

“Hannah and I have a very complex relationship. It’s very sisterly. There are a lot of similarities between us and there are a lot of differences. A lot of lessons I learned at her age, I’ve already learned, and I’m just waiting for her to catch up. But I do think Hannah means well. I think  she does have a good heart. Now, we share a couple of texts and DMs back and forth with each other, but we don’t necessarily pick up the phone and call each other and hang out.”

On season 5’s physical fight

“I came in at the tail end of it. I was in my room with Danielle, sipping on a cocktail, having a grand old time drama-free. All of a sudden, we heard all of this noise and chaotic energy coming from the foyer and we launched up and ran into the foyer. We were just like, ‘What is going on?’ I wound up body slamming Kyle against the door. Danielle and I were a little late to the party and Kyle was coming downstairs, so he was the last one of the boys to get down there. All I thought was if this goes out into the driveway and there’s more space, it’ll be harder to contain, and you have these boys, and it’s going to be bad news. To this day, I really don’t know how it started exactly. I don’t know who’s really to blame. These boys have a lot of testosterone, and you throw alcohol in there. One thing leads to another and tensions fly and they tend to get aggressive about it. I’m excited to watch to see how it actually happens.” 

On if she wants season 6 to be quarantined

“There are a lot of pros and cons to both formats. This season in quarantine, there was a pro in the fact that we didn’t have to travel back and forth between the city and the Hamptons every Friday and every Sunday. That’s six hours of being in the car in traffic. We didn’t have to deal with that this year. The con is you’re stuck in a house, and there’s nowhere else to go. Thank God, it was the big house and there was a lot of space in there to move about the cabin, but you still want to be able to go out and do things. I do love the old format. I don’t know who doesn’t love sleeping in their bed Sunday through Thursday during the week. But I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out whenever we get the news.”

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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