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Here’s How to Follow the ‘Love, Victor’ Cast on Instagram Because We Know You Want To

Fall in love with them on and off screen.
Love, Victor
Image: Hulu.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve binge-watched all 10 episodes of Love, Victor in one sitting and are wondering what to do next. With no word yet on season 2 (fingers crossed!), the next best thing is to follow the Love, Victor Hulu cast on Instagram, so we can keep up with them on and off our screens.

Love, Victor, which premiered on Hulu on Wednesday, July 17, is a TV spinoff of the 2018 film, Love, Simon, which followed a closeted gay high school student and his online romance with anonymous classmate who is also closeted. The film is based on the 2015 book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and while Love, Victor is a new story completely, characters from Love, Simon do make appearances in the show. (Mainly, Simon serves as a texting buddy for Victor as he sorts out his sexuality in a new city.)

As for Love, Victor, the show is also about a closeted high school student. However, unlike Simon, Victor is new to his school, Creekwood High School, and his parents are less-than accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. (Victor references this in his first text to Simon, where he goes off on him for having such accepting parents.) Still, despite its differences, Love, Victor is just as heartwarming and sweet as the movie it was based on. Here’s how to follow the cast on Instagram. (Spoilers ahead.)

Michael Cimino (Victor Salazar)

Victor is played by Michael Cimino, a newcomer who has starred in Annabelle Come Home. Victor, the lead character of the series, is a closeted high school student who has a crush on the only gay student at school, Benji. Like Love, Simon, series follows Victor as he comes to terms with his sexuality. Also like Love, Simon, Victor’s journey to coming out isn’t easy. Along the way, he dates one of his female friends (and breaks her heart), confronts his family’s homophobia and starts a texting friendship with Simon, who opens his eyes to the LGBTQ+ community.

Isabella Ferreira (Pilar Salazar)

Pilar is Victor’s younger sister, who starts at Creekwood High School at the same time as him. She’s played by Isabella Ferreira, who’s previously starred in Orange Is the New Black. Throughout the series, Pilar serves as the comic relief for Victor’s melodrama. In the finale, she plays an important for why Victor comes after she finds a love letter that her brother wrote to Benji.

Rachel Naomi Hilson (Mia)

Mia is played by Rachel Naomi Hilson, who fans may recognize as young Beth on This Is Us. Mia is one of Victor’s first friends at Creekwood High School and the two start to date after they bond at a party. However, Mia has reservations for how much Victor really cares about her when he doesn’t have sex with her. Meanwhile, Mia is also dealing with her father’s new girlfriend (played by Sophia Bush) who’s unexpectedly pregnant.

Bebe Wood (Lake)

Bebe Wood plays Lake, another comic relief character in Love, Victor. Lake is Mia’s best friend, and is the one who encourages her to date Victor. However, Lake also becomes overly protective of Mia when she realizes that Victor isn’t treating her best friend how she should be treated. Lake also starts a relationship with Victor’s neighbor and friend Felix, but the two have a rocky moment in the finale when Lake struggles to go public with their relationship because of how embarrassed she is to be seen with Felix.

George Sear (Benji)

Benji, played by George Sear, is Victor’s crush. He’s introduced in the premiere as one of the hottest guys at Creekwood High School and the only gay student on campus. Victor and Benji become close when they work at a coffee shop together, but Benji is off limits as he has a boyfriend. In the end, Benji and his boyfriend break up because of their different opinions on romance, and he kisses Victor outside a school dance, which Mia witnesses.

Anthony Turpel (Felix)

Felix is played by Anthony Turpel. Felix is another comic relief character in the show serves as Victor’s guide when he first comes to Creekwood High School. Felix is also Victor’s neighbor in their apartment building and starts a friendship with Victor regardless of whether Victor wanted to be his friend or not. Felix, one of the more unpopular students at Creekwood, also begins a relationship with Lake. While he seems over the moon to be with her at first, his opinion of their relationship sours when he realizes that Lake is embarrassed to be seen with him in public and wants to keep their relationship a secret.

Mason Gooding (Andrew)

Andrew, played by Mason Gooding, is the classic bully with a good heart at Creekwood High School. He and Victor start a rivalry after Victor joins the basketball team and threatens Andrew’s role as the star player. Andrew is also in love with Mia, who lost her virginity to him and is in a relationship with Victor. In the finale, Mia and Andrew admit their feelings to each other after Mia breaks up with Victor for kissing Benji, and it seems like the two have a a romantic storyline ahead in season 2.

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