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All the Spoilers You Need to Know About How ‘Outer Banks’ Treasure Hunt Ends

Teen drama fans, this show is for you.
Outer Banks
Image: Netflix.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Outer Banks season 1. Netflix’s new teen drama, Outer Banks, is full of mystery. which is why those who can’t wait to find out the show’s end are even more desperate for Outer Banks Netflix spoilers.

Let’s start with the basics: Outer Banks, which premiered on April 15, follows a teenage boy named John Booker Routeledge (John B. for short) and his group of friends called the Pogues in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. John B. and his friends are on a mission to find the truth behind what happened to his father, who disappeared at sea a year before the events of Outer Banks. Along the way, they learn that John B.’s father was on the hunt for a $400 million treasure, which is tied to his disappearance. The show is filled with romance, drama and adventure, and, to be frank, we can’t wait for a season 2.

Can’t wait until the end of Outer Banks? Read up on the most important plot points from season 1 ahead.

John B. Kisses Both Kiara and Sarah

John B. kisses both Kiara (his fellow Pogue and best friend) and Sarah Cameron (the Princess of the Kooks, a wealthy and elite side of town that looks down on the Pogues.) However, don’t expect a classic teen love triangle between John B., Kiara and Sarah. After John kisses Kiara, Kiara tells him that the number-one rule is that Pogues can’t “mack on” other Pogues, and the two stay friends. Sarah, on the other hand, becomes John B.’s girlfriend (more on that later). There is a minor feud between Sarah and Kiara, however, after Kiara learns that John B. invited Sarah to join their treasure hunt. Eventually, the boys leave Kiara and Sarah on a boat together to work out their differences, which worked.

Outer Banks
Image: Netflix.

Sarah Breaks Up With Topper to Be With John B.

Sarah and John B. fall for each other when John B. asks for Sarah’s help to find a document related to the treasure hunt. As the daughter one of the most connected families in the OBX, Sarah helps John B., which leads them to spend the whole day together.  As expected, they kiss at the end of the day. Fast forward to an episode later, and Sarah tells John B. that she plans to break up with Topper, her boyfriend and the King of Kooks who hates the Pogues, to be with him. Sarah and John B. sneak away to a lighthouse where they kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Topper follows them and gets into a fight with John B. and pushes him off the lighthouse railing, which causes John B. to go to the hospital. When Topper sees Sarah rush to John B.’s side after the accident, he realizes that he and his girlfriend are done.

Ward Adopts John B.

Ward Cameron, Sarah’s father, adopts John B. after his accident. Throughout the show, John B. has been running away from social services who want to put him into foster care after his father’s disappearance. Ward adopts him and John B. moves into Sarah’s house when he gets out of the hospital.

The Gold Is at the Crain Estate

Here’s where the $400 million of gold is. John B. and the Pogues find the gold at the Crain mansion, an estate where an old woman who is believed to have killed her husband lives. They find the gold in a well in the basement of the house. They take one bar and make plans to come back for the rest. But Ward beats them to it and steals the gold for himself.

Ward Killed John B.’s Father

We explained the whole story here. But essentially, Ward and John B.’s dad, John Sr., looked for the gold themselves. When John Sr. found it, he told Ward that he would only receive 20 percent of the $400 million treasure because John Sr. did most of the effort on the hunt and they used most of his research. Ward became irate and claimed that John Sr. used his boats and resources to find the treasure. The two got into a fight, which led John Sr. to be pushed against the boat and hit his head open. As John B. bleeds to death, Ward takes the treasure map from his pocket and dumps him overboard. Little did Ward know, John Sr. was still alive. He washed up on a beach where he lived until he died of exhaustion. But before he died, he etched a clue to where the gold is into a compass that John B. would later find.

Outer Banks

Ward Frames John B. For Murder

When Ward tries to flee on a plane with the $400 million gold in tow, John B. stops him. Sheriff Peterkin also shows up to arrest Ward for the murder of John B.’s father. Rafe, Sarah’s brother, then shows up to shoot Peterkin in the chest to protect his father. Peterkin later dies in the hospital from her injuries. With no other witnesses around, Ward frames John B. for the officer’s death, which leads to a cat-and-mouse chase for John B. throughout the Outer Banks. Other than Ward and Rafe, the only other witness who can prove John B.’s innocence is Sarah. But despite her efforts to tell the police that John B. didn’t kill Peterkin, no one listens to her. John B. and Sarah are then forced to flee the Outer Banks on a boat.

Pope and Kiara Kiss

Amid the chaos, Pope, one of the Pogues, tells Kiara that he loves her, which leads to an awkward interaction between the two. Kiara reminds Pope that Pogues can’t “mack” on other Pogues, which leads Pope to become irritated at being turned down by Kiara. Fast forward to the next day and Pope apologizes for how he treated Kiara after she turned him down. Kiara then kisses him, letting him know that she does like him, but she’s not sure she wants to be in a relationship yet.

John B. and Sarah Leave the Outer Banks

The final moments of the series show John B. and Sarah driving a boat into a storm. Eventually, their boat capsizes when a huge wave comes. They wake in the middle of the ocean in life jackets. Then they see a passing ship and flag it toward them. They come onboard where they’re given towels and water. When John B. and Sarah ask where the ship is headed, a crew member tells them Nassau, Bahamas, where Ward took the gold in his plane. The cliffhanger sets up a season 2, where John B. and Sarah head to the Bahamas to take back their treasure.

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