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The Truth Behind Joe Exotic’s Singing Voice Was Revealed on the ‘Tiger King’ Reunion

Whether or not he uses his real voice on his country songs, they're still bangers.
Tiger King
Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

The truth was revealed: Does Joe Exotic sing his songs? Netflix’s Tiger King cast answered that question on the docuseries’ reunion on Sunday, April 12. The special, titled “The Tiger King and I,” was hosted by Joel McHale, who asked the main players of the seven-episode docuseries the questions the people want to know—such as: “Is that Joe Exotic’s real singing voice in his country music videos?”

Joe’s singing voice came up when Joel asked the Tiger King’s ex-husband, John Finlay, is he remembered any of the lyrics from the song that Joe dedicated to him, “My First Love.” “I don’t exactly remember the words,” he said. “Some of them were bad. Some of them were great. Some of them were way off the wall.”

Joel then asked if the singing voice in Joe’s music videos was his real voice. “And that’s clearly not his voice. There’s been tons of press about it not being his voice,” Joel said. John responded, “That is not him singing.”

Rick Kirkham, Joe’s former reality TV producer, also confirmed that his music videos did not feature his real singing voice in a recent interview with CapitalFM. “It never was his voice. No. The music would come in and he say ‘I’ve got my latest song in today’ and I’m like, well when did you record this because I’ve been with you for six months, day and night, and you haven’t left me,” Rick said. “We shot about six or seven music video for him and he would practice very hard to get the lip-sync down but it was just so obvious it wasn’t—he didn’t know the words to the songs!’

As for the real voice behind Joe’s music video, Vanity Fair reported that they’re vocalists Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton. There you have it, folks. Joe Exotic does not sing his own songs. However, his dance moves in his music videos, are 100 percent real.

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