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Taylor Swift Outearned Everyone Else in the Music World Last Year

She's basically out on her front lawn raking it in.

It came out today that Taylor Swift, in her ongoing quest toward world domination, made way more money than any other musician last year, proving that those “impossible dreams” she spoke of in the song “Starlight” really do come true.

Ranking in the top spot among highest-paid music makers in 2015, she almost doubled runner-up Kenny Chesney’s total earnings, according to Billboard. She rang in with $73.5 million total cash money, including revenue from sales, streaming, publishing, and touring. Poor little Chesney made only a paltry $39.8 mill.

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She was joined in the top ten by the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, One Direction, Dead & Company (made up of former Grateful Dead members and others), Luke Bryan, U2, Adele, and Maroon 5.

In an op-ed about the future of the music industry for The Wall Street Journal in 2014, Swift wrote, “Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for.”

Well, it’s safe to say that her important, rare, valuable art has definitely been paid for. Oh, and just so you know, this means Swift made a little more than 2ooK per day last year. Mazel, Swifty!

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