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Justin Bieber’s New Song Is All About Hailey Baldwin (Again) But It’s Actually…Really Sexy

So much better than "Yummy," we promise!
Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

We get it, Biebs—you’re seriously in love with your wife! At least that’s what Justin Bieber’s “Get Me” lyrics and meaning seem to suggest for the umpteenth time. But you know what, we’re actually not mad it at it. Yes, while it seems like all these two do lately is rub their sweet relationship in our faces, it’s for good reason. They’re honestly…really wholesome. And if it means getting a new surprise single out of Justin—especially one that’s featuring Kehlani—we’ll take it. Happiness looks and sounds good for him.

“Get Me” is a nice departure for the 25-year-old singer. As Justin’s suggested in the past, it seems to follow the new R&B-tinged sound that we can soon expect from the rest of his forthcoming studio album, Changes. (Which, by the way, is set to release on Valentine’s Day! We did tell you he’s so in love, after all.) Justin teased the song ahead of its release on Jan. 27, revealing it in a potential tracklist in his brand new docu-series, Justin Bieber: Seasons.

On the track, Justin and guest singer Kehlani sing in a typical call-and-response format over a seriously sexy beat. Justin’s verses talk all about that special connection he has with his wife Hailey. Without mentioning her by name, we still know that lyrics like “Lookin’ at the way we’re blendin’ in, you get me” are all for her.

After all, the pair married in a highly publicized wedding ceremony last year, and since then, the couple have been nothing but supportive of each other. Justin even recently announced he was suffering from Lyme disease—to which Hailey came to his defense online. They’ve also been at the center of some serious beef with Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez, who recently revealed that the singer was emotionally abusive to her during their past relationship.

Hailey doesn’t seem to be giving in to this recent controversy, and nor has Justin. Instead, the pair celebrated his new documentary out this week.

Read on for the “Get Me” lyrics below.


Oh, you don’t compare, don’t fit in with ’em, do you get me?
Judgin’ by the way you open up, you get me
Ooh, out of this world, hands on, baby, now you send me
Lookin’ at the way we’re blendin’ in, you get me


High, high, high, you get me
High, high, high, you get me

Verse 1:

See, you’re lookin’ beyond the surface
Can tell by the questions you’re asking
You got me low-key nervous
It feels like we’re on the same wave, yeah
Never intended to relate, I mean, what are the chances?
Never thought I’d connect with you, not in these circumstances

Verse 2:

Ooh, there’s so much chemistry
Like a chemist, how you finishin’ my sentences
In the center, no, we can’t deny the synergy
How ’bout reapin’ all the benefits? Yeah
Never intended to relate, I mean, what are the chances?
Never thought I’d connect with you, not in these circumstances, no

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